Help for Single Mothers in Texas

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State assistance programs in Texas help single mothers get back on their feet by offering financial assistance with the living expenses. The state government achieves this by means of several programs administered by a local agency. Applicants need to be a resident of Texas and a U.S. citizen or a eligible non citizen to be eligible for benefits. We suggest those looking for emergency assistance to make use of the “211” service.By calling 211, you can get referrals to local resources that could help immediately with your needs. Another option to get quick referrals to sources of assistance is the local church. Churches, apart from offering assistance themselves, will be able to point you to organizations that cater to what you are looking for. This can be assistance with emergency housing, paying overdue bills, rent, getting clothes for your family, or food.

1. Financial assistance with living expenses is offered in TX by means of a program called the “Temporary assistance for needy families” (TANF). The aim of the program is to help families temporarily with monthly cash assistance so as to lessen the financial strain on their shoulders while they strive for self-sufficiency. Application is open only to families that have dependent children under age 19. Applicants need to demonstrate their need for cash assistance by submitting proof of income and assets. After application gets submitted, those getting approved for benefits will receive an EBT card within a maximum of 6 weeks from the application date. Get more information here –

As stated earlier, the primary goal of the program is to assist families while they try to reach financial independence. Hence, the program requires the applicant to meet work or school requirements to continue receiving cash benefits. Those found not meeting them will find their benefits terminated.

2. In addition to assisting families facing hardships with cash assistance, government financial help is also offered for helping low-income households meet their everyday nutrition needs. The name of the program is SNAP which offers approved families a SNAP card that can be used for buying necessary food items at local stores. Those in need of food assistance can begin by using the screening tool available at online human services web site and getting to know their eligibility.

3. Affording private health insurance for your children while you are a single mother can be daunting. Fortunately, a program named CHIP – Children’s health insurance program – helps single moms in TX by offering a free solution. Moderate-income families will have to pay an affordable monthly premium while the low income families might be able to get healthcare for their kids free of charge. To know more about the coverage, requirements, application process and more, visit the page here:CHIP

4. Find a quality daycare center and get help with paying for the same:

A number of single moms have to hold themselves back from going to work full-time just because the daycare costs are through the roof. It is no easy task to find a daycare meeting the quality standards you have in mind, let alone finding one that goes easy on your pockets. Fortunately, help with finding a reliable local childcare center and paying for the same are offered in the state of Texas. Those getting approved for childcare assistance will only have to make a small part of the daycare payment as the rest will be issued to the provider on behalf of you by the concerned authority,

5. Rental assistance through section 8:

Apart from the aforementioned programs that help low-income households tremendously with the living expenses, section 8 is also offered to alleviate the hardship of affording a private rental housing. Assistance will be offered to single moms by means of direct rental payment to the landlord. To apply for rental assistance, contact the housing agency near you. Note that while section 8 is offered to all households meeting the requirements, the funding is limited. Hence, there tend to be long waiting list at most agencies. Some agencies will choose to stop accepting applications until the waiting list gets shorter. If the agency nearest to you is in such a state at your time of application, try to apply at other local housing agencies. As the length of the waiting list tends to vary from agency to agency, there is a possibility of receiving housing assistance immediately through one of the several agencies in your vicinity.

How to get started:

To get started on applying for benefits, single mothers are suggested to make an appointment with a case worker at their local social services office. The very first appointment will be helpful in knowing your eligibility for the various state assistance programs and inform yourself of the various documentation needed to substantiate your income claims.

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