Help for single mothers in Tennessee – TANF and Grants

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What kind of assistance programs are available for the Tennessee residents?

Families in Tennessee can get help with the following through the various assistance programs:

1. cash assistance for a limited time [through the TANF program],

2. help with paying for child care [through subsidized child care program],

3. affordable health insurance for every uninsured child,

4. rental assistance,

5. food stamps [now called the SNAP].

In detail:

1. Temporary cash assistance in TN – apply today:

Families who fall into the low income category and have a dependent child at home can make use of the “Families First” program for getting temporary cash assistance. As a single parent, if you barely make ends meet each month, we urge you to apply for cash assistance by visiting the human services county office near you. Find the location using this map in the official site – map. To know if you are eligible, make use of the online screening tool posted here – link [you can also apply for the same through that link]. Note that financial assistance through this program will be provided for a maximum of 60 months in a participant’s lifetime. Hence, it is imperative that you keep up your efforts to reach financial independence. Despite keeping up efforts, it is not unusual to be caught in a trying time. Rest assured that there are ton of resources in TN that could help you get through any trials during this period.

2. Food stamps [SNAP]:

Unemployed and working adults can get approved for the SNAP program which enables them to buy food products for free from many of the participating stores in their area. If you get approved, instead of the food stamp coupons, an EBT card will be sent to you. This card can be used at stores to buy free eligible food items – check out the official site to see which items are ineligible. For applying, visit the human services county office – make use of the link we gave above. For applying online, visit:

3. Child care assistance for struggling parents:

Are the daycare expenses making matters worse for you financially? If yes, that will be no surprise. Families, especially single-parent households, struggle to find an affordable daycare fitting their pocket. If such is your case, apply for daycare assistance in TN. If your income is demonstrated to be very low, you can even get approved for free daycare – meaning concerned agency will pay for the daycare provider in full. On the other hand, if your income is deemed low, a small co-payment will be required. Nonetheless, you will certainly find this affordable as your co-pay amount will be proportionate to your financial standing. To know more about the child care program, read this page

4. Health insurance for kids:

Uninsured children in TN can get health coverage at most affordable costs. This is made possible by means of the CoverKids program, and no doubt parents regard this as a real lifesaver. This is open for children of families whose income falls under 250 percent of the federal poverty level. Needless to say, monthly premiums and co-payments will be higher in case your household income is higher than 150% of poverty level. For income guidelines of this program, go here –  income eligibility. To apply online for Coverkids, make use of this link

5. Assistance for paying the utility bills:

Families with household income below 200% poverty level can qualify for utility bill financial assistance through the LIHEAP program. This program aims to assist the low income families of TN with paying for the heating costs. Unlike the cash assistance or the food assistance, the money is directly transferred to the utility company. Read more about it here

6. Going back to college:

Single mothers who are contemplating going to college can make use of the separate section TN government has put up concerning financial aid for college.You can access it here:college pays . This must ease your search process and make it really hassle-free to find aid for college tuition. If you are looking for college scholarships, do read our page on the same here – single mom scholarships. Getting through college, weathering financial issues and looking after a kid can be grueling for anybody. But rest assured that single moms graduating school have invariably found that all the hassles were worth it. You will, too!

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