Help for single mothers in South Carolina

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Financial help for single moms in SC:

Low income families can make use of state financial assistance provided through various programs to make ends meet. Note that most of these programs emphasize gaining employment and reaching self-sufficiency. This is the very reason cash assistance is only offered temporarily to help any qualifying family. And to help unemployed adults of the household gain employment, one government program also assists with job training and vocational education. Rest assured that if you have the will to become financially independent, you will find sufficient financial support to aid your efforts. To know about applying for cash assistance and other programs, read below:

1. Temporary cash assistance – getting a hand with your monthly household expenses:

Family independence [FI] program is open for families with dependent children and aims to provide temporary cash assistance to low income families. As a single parent, make the most of cash assistance to weather the difficult times. Note that if you are a single parent and are not getting child support payments from the ex, you will be required to offer full co-operation with the concerned enforcement agency for collecting the same. These payments will be included as part of your income while determining the amount of cash assistance you qualify for. Visit the social services office, get the application form and turn it in after filling it to begin the process. Application can also be done online if you wish. For online application, read this page:link

2. Making child care affordable:

If you have been dealing with non-affordability of child care service so far, we urge you to apply for child care assistance. This is provided to the eligible residents of South Carolina so that they are able to go to work or school while the child receives quality care through a reputable provider. This federally-funded program is named “ABC Child Care” and assists parents with daycare payments. These payments will be provided directly to the daycare provider and would cover a significant portion of the expense. For more information, you can contact the DSS office in your county. Here is a list of contact details:link

3. Food stamps:

The SNAP – earlier called the food stamps – and emergency food assistance programs will be highly helpful for people who are struggling to buy nutritious food everyday. SNAP allows the eligible families to get an EBT – electronic benefits transfer card with which the food products from the grocery stores can be bought. As the name EBT indicates, this card will be used to access food benefits that get issued to your particular electronic account. The amount of food benefits will be tailored to fit the needs of entire family. As and when needs get heightened on account of, say, a significant change in income, benefit receivers are advised to contact the authority and notify the same. This is advised as changes in financial standing could lead to more benefit amount. Note that this program is not just open for families receiving the cash assistance. It is open to all who meet the income limits of the program. For application, visit here .

4. Health coverage for uninsured children:

Parents can afford health insurance for their uninsured children by means of the SC Healthy Connections Kids (SCHIP) program. The application form has to be filled and mailed to the nearest DHHS office for consideration.

5. Rental assistance for single parents:

Finally, the rental assistance – As a single mother, when you are already juggling multitude of tasks each and every day, financial issues could crop up every now and then. This could even translate into non-affordability of rent. If such is your case right now, rest assured that there is rental assistance in place for residents of South Carolina. “Section 8” is the government program helping families who are not able to afford quality housing.This program assists families with renting a safe and sanitary housing in the private market. A portion of the rent, whose amount will certainly not exceed 30 percent of the household income, will have to be paid by you while the remaining will be paid through the assistance program. Contact the local PHA(public housing agency) for more information and to apply – PHAs

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    Hello, my name is Devin Timmons. I am a 26 year old female that is currently pregnant, and I have two small kids as well. I currently reside with my child’s father because I have no icome coming in, and no p lace to live. We have our share ot problems, and he likes to make sure that he paints me out to be the villan100%. I am due to be induced on 8/23/2011, and I am in a very bad situation. Our relationship has turned violent, both physically, verbally,and emotionally. I have no where to turn, and feel as if I am alone in this sitautuion. Plenty of nights, I have slept the best place I could and have wondered where would be the next place I could go, I have no income, no source of transportation, job, and I desperately would like to change this, I have tried programs but they have turned me down because of my age…………….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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