Help for Single Mothers in Pennsylvania

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If you are a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet, getting financial help from the state government can provide temporary relief. Single mothers in Pennsylvania can apply for a range of assistance programs administered through various local agencies. A noteworthy point is that these assistance programs are not just open for single moms but also to all families who demonstrate financial need. The following list provides basic information on programs in PA, how and where to apply for them.

1. Get cash assistance through TANF:

Single moms can apply for temporary cash assistance and receive help with living expenses by means of a program called the “TANF”. In PA, an applicant approved for this particular program is only allowed to receive cash benefits for a maximum of 60 months in her lifetime. Note that the application is open for all families who meet the income guidelines and have a dependent child under the age of 19. Pregnant applicants can also qualify for receiving aid through TANF. One of the important requirements that needs to be met to keep receiving assistance is that the applicant needs to be actively looking for work or participate in job training. This requirement is set in place so that applicants will work towards finding their way to financial stability and make their transition from welfare to work over time. Those who are in school can also be eligible for application.

Where to apply – To apply, you can either use the online mode or choose to visit the local county assistance office. Visiting the local agency can also help you with getting quick and clear answers to your queries, if any. If you are in need of immediate assistance, the worker at the office can also point you to local resources.

2. Free food items through food stamps:

If you want to save money by cutting down the food costs, but at the same time, make no compromise on providing healthy food for your family, apply for the food stamps – now called the SNAP card. The benefits you receive can be used for purchasing food items at local retailers. As a single mother, getting food assistance could make a big difference as it could cut the burden on your pockets, especially if you are already struggling to make ends meet. Those meeting the requirements can apply at the county assistance office and receive a plastic card – named the EBT card – that can be used at stores to access your benefits credited in an electronic account. Benefits can be checked online, and the renewal of the welfare benefits can be done from the comfort of your home over the internet.

3. Dealing with heating costs:

Thousands across the nation find themselves in a position where meeting the heating costs puts a considerable strain on their finances. Fortunately, financial assistance is offered by the government for those who find it difficult to afford the heating costs of their home. This government assistance program is called the “LIHEAP”, and is available for families who meet the income guidelines and reside in PA. Note that there is no requirement to show unpaid bills to get assistance through LIHEAP.

The crisis grants: Apart from the energy assistance grants, there are also crisis grants in place to assist the low-income households. As the name aptly indicates, it is offered only to applicants who are facing emergencies. For instance, if your heating equipment gets broken, you can contact the county assistance office and get help through the crisis grants.

4. Subsidized Child Care Program:

Single moms across the nation can apply for the subsidized child care program to get monetary assistance with paying for daycare. In PA, this particular program is called the “Child Care Works” and is open for all low-income households demonstrating their need for daycare assistance. Approved families will receive financial support based on their income, and will be provided directly to the daycare provider. If the amount of support you qualify for covers the full charge of childcare center, you will not be required to make any co-pay. In contrast, if the financial support does not cover the full charge, an affordable co-payment will need to be made.

Online application:

While application can be downloaded, filled with pertinent required details and turned in at the nearby county assistance office, you can also choose the online service (named the COMPASS) for application. Apply for a wide range of welfare benefits from cash assistance to free healthcare by making use of this service today.

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