Help for single mothers in Oregon

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State assistance for single moms:

We have listed below some of the ways through which single mothers can get financial help in Oregon. Do keep in mind that these programs are not specifically open to single parents but instead are open to all needy low income families. Know more in detail below.

1.TANF in OR – temporary cash assistance:

Cash assistance can be obtained for a limited period if your income and assets are within the limits of the TANF program. TANF is the name given to the government program that helps adults of eligible households with cash assistance. This program also helps with making the transition from welfare to work and assists with job training or vocational education.

Be informed that this program’s primary goal is to make families strive for and attain self-sufficiency. Hence, work requirements will have to be met as well to keep getting the cash benefits. Unemployed beneficiaries of welfare benefits will be required to attend job training or look for employment as per the program rules. More importantly, only families with dependent children are eligible to apply for benefits. For other information and application details, go over this web page here – link

2. Child care assistance for single parents:

Low income working families can get help for making child care payments through the child care assistance program. This specific program is given the name “Employment Related Day Care” in Oregon, and acts a great support to working parents, helping them keep their jobs. If you need daycare assistance, download the application form offered here and mail it to the local DHS – locations – after filling all required information. Note that income verification and other documents will also be required before benefits are approved for your household.

Note: In some cases, the applicant’s needs are deemed so great that welfare will be able to cover the full daycare costs of the family. These cases will pertain to families with income falling under a very low percent of federal poverty level. On the other hand, other families will be given assistance to cover a sizable portion of the daycare costs. The remaining portion of the costs will be needed to be covered by the applicant.

3. Food stamps in OR:

The food stamps program is now called the SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -and helps low income families in Oregon with buying nutritious food from local stores. SNAP cards, instead of the food stamp coupons, are now issued to those whose applications get approved for food benefits.To apply online, download the form here, fill it up and send it to the DHS office – contact information

4. Most affordable health coverage for your kids:

Are your kids without health insurance just because a private insurance is not within your reach? Getting a private insurance has always been a struggle for many of the working families. Fortunately, your kids can get free or affordable health coverage through the “Healthy kids” program. Do keep in mind that low cost insurance through this program cannot be availed if the household income is more than 300% of the federal poverty level. For application and other details, go here

5. Rental assistance for single moms:

We would not be surprised if you claim half of your income goes towards paying rent. In reality, this is what happens to millions of the households out there. But when this happens to be the case in a single parent household, the struggles reach a new high level. Fortunately, families in Oregon can apply for section 8 rental assistance and get help with the housing rent. The housing choice voucher program helps thousands of households every year keep their current housing or move to a safe housing that they choose. Those in need of help must contact the local housing agency to get started –  find contact information here

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