Help for single mothers in Oklahoma

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Government financial assistance in Oklahoma[OK]:

Looking for information regarding financial help for single mothers in OK? If yes, you have come to the right place as this article lists available state assistance programs in this state. Read on to find out more about it.

1. TANF – temporary cash assistance:

TANF provides cash assistance to needy families who have dependent children and also meet the income requirement of the program. Besides getting monthly monetary help with the living expenses, applicants could also receive training to aid themselves in their efforts to gain employment. Of course, if you are already employed, you can opt for just receiving monthly cash assistance and work towards self-sufficiency. To apply for welfare benefits, visit the county DHS office nearby. Note that pertinent documents need to be submitted so that the case worker can verify the information you fill in the application form. Ensure you take with you all required documentation so as to avoid delays in the process. For more information on application, documentation needed and other details, contact the local DHS office – here

2. SNAP in OK:

Besides helping needy OK residents with monthly cash grants, state government also has the SNAP program in place. This program aims to alleviate the difficulties experienced by low income families with meeting the daily nutritional needs. You can apply for food benefits as well when you submit the TANF application at DHS. Within a month of your application, a notification, and a SNAP card, if approved, will reach your residence. This plastic SNAP card is what one would use to buy food at local stores. Money will be debited from your welfare benefits account every time you transact using it, just like in case of a regular debit card. For information on eligibility and application details, go here

3. Child care assistance:

Subsidized child care program will be highly helpful for single moms who cannot afford child care service. If you are a working parent and desperately searching for a way to cover the daycare expenses comfortably, this will be the answer you are looking for. Once approved for subsidy, you will be offered financial assistance with paying the expenditure towards a daycare center of your choice. Most benefit beneficiaries will be required to make co-payment – co-payment along with the government assistance will cover the full daycare costs. Although you will be required to make a co-payment, no doubt this program will pave way to affordable child care. Note that the amount of co-payment will depend on household income as well as the family size. For application and other details of the program, follow this link

4. Rent is not affordable?

Oklahoma residents whose income falls under the low income category can get rental assistance by means of the “housing choice voucher” program. While majority of the programs discussed so far stress on aid to help families reach self-sufficiency, this specific program aims to provide a safe shelter for families in need of help with rent. To know if you are eligible and to apply for the same, contact a housing agency nearby. These agencies oversee the implementation of the rental assistance program and other pertinent processes – find the location of a local housing agency here

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    I live in Il. and my daughter lives there in Ok. she calls me crying almost every weekend because her baby daddy is an absent father who continues to tell her how worthless she is. She doesnt have her own car and he take the she drives away from her often. I want to get her here with me but doesnt want to take her daughter away from her so call dad. She really needs someone to talk to and let her know she doesnt have to live like this. Can you help my daughter?

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