Help for Single Mothers in Ohio

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Single mothers in Ohio can apply for financial help programs by visiting the local assistance office. Or one can also apply for every program by means of online application. Our article here provides brief introduction on assistance programs in OH, application procedure, and links to official pages.

1.Temporary cash assistance through TANF – “Ohio Works First”:

“Ohio Works First” is the name given to cash assistance offered to help low-income households. Those meeting guidelines will be eligible, and will be provided cash assistance every month to help them meet expenses. An important eligibility requirement is that adults of the household must participate in work or job training. This requirement is set in place so as to encourage families to work towards their own empowerment and emphasize employment. To know more, check the official page here:

2. Find child care assistance:

Those who are receiving assistance through the above program might also get approved for child care assistance. For single moms who were worried about affording daycare while they make their slow and steady transition to work, this would make a real difference. Do keep in mind that those who are not receiving cash assistance might also be eligible to apply for the assistance. Do not miss out on daycare assistance because of your ineligibility to receive cash assistance. To begin the application, contact the County Department of Job and Family Services – CDJFS.

For contact details of the CDJFS in your county,refer to this page: Contact now

Parents must note that while this program aims to help with daycare expenses, it does not facilitate free daycare for many applicants. Many applicants approved for assistance will be required to make a co-payment proportionate to their income. Due to the very fact that co-payment depends on income, most parents find them affordable and not a burden.

3. Get free Food:

To receive free healthy food items for you and your family, apply for the SNAP program in Ohio. Those getting approved for receiving food benefits will receive a plastic card that functions just like an ATM card. This can be used at grocery stores to procure food items. Single moms who are about to visit the department of job and family services can inquire about their eligibility status for all programs and apply for them by supplying the required details. In addition to basic and financial details, a number of documents will be required for verifying your claims. Make note of what is needed in advance and supply them to the worker at the assistance office to get faster access to welfare benefits.

4. Find a low rental apartment in Ohio:

If you are desperately searching for a way to save up cash and put that in your savings account, you could consider moving to a low rental apartment. HUD has listings of such apartments and you can access it through this search tool: Search now

For those in need of government assistance with rent, section 8 will provide relief. By means of section 8, one can get approved for assistance with sizable amount of the rent. The rest of the payment, which does not get covered through section 8, must be made by you. To apply, connect with the local housing agency in your vicinity. Here is the list of PHA contacts in Ohio:Contacts list

5. Find affordable health insurance for yourself and your child:

If you are a single parent hardly meeting the health care needs of your family, apply for Medicaid. But if your income comes in the way and makes you ineligible for Medicaid, look up “Healthy Start” and “Healthy Families” program to get affordable insurance for all family members. By means of the “Healthy start” program, you can get your kids insured even if your income is close to 200% of the federal poverty level. For application and more details,visit link

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  1. Kristy says:

    I wanted to know how the section 8 or housing programs would work. I have two young children and me and my husband are just starting a divorce. He doesn’t want us living here anymore and we are having trouble finding somewhere to live. He is currently living with his girlfriend but wants them to move in here. I am currently a stay at home mom and we have no money in savings. So if you could please email me back and let me know what some of my options would be I would appreciate it. I also have two dogs that would have to come with me so I don’t know if that would matter at all. I am looking into going to school and working and daycare for my kids.Or if you could let me know who or what programs I can talk to. Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    For food assistance, pregnant women and women with children under 2(i believe) can also apply for WIC (Women Infants and Children). They provide coupons every month for food, formula, and baby food. If you have Medicaid you are automatically eligible. If you google it, you should find the WIC office located in your area. It’s been a great program for me, I recommend it! :]

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