Help For Single Mothers In North Carolina

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Single mothers in North Carolina can find lots of government assistance programs they can apply for to get financial help. Welfare benefits received through these programs aim to help a single mother with rent, daycare, food and healthcare, among others. Read on to know about some of these programs in NC and how to apply for welfare in your state:

1. Get cash assistance temporarily:

One of the most helpful assistance programs in all states is the TANF – temporary assistance for needy families. This particular program is named the “Work First” in North Carolina and is available for families meeting the income guidelines. Families who get approved for benefits will be offered monthly cash assistance which could act as a significant support during trying times. Note that the aim of the program is to help families with expenses while they try to attain financial independence and get off welfare benefits. Welfare to work transition does not happen overnight to most families receiving benefits, but with continued effort and commitment, chances of the transition happening becomes increased.

To apply for cash benefits, visit the local social services office. Along with giving basic and financial details in the application form, documents will also be needed by the case worker. Make a note of all required documentation by going over this page –

2. Subsidized child care program:

Wouldn’t things be a lot easier for you if free daycare is available nearby. That would significantly reduce the financial burden and, more importantly, lead to betterment of the whole family. In NC, help with daycare is offered by means of the subsidized child care program. Single-income households can get tremendously benefited by subsidy as it paves way for not just quality but also most affordable daycare. Single moms who find it difficult to go back to school because of expensive and unaffordable daycare must also make the most of this subsidy.

For eligibility requirements and application, refer to this page

3. Free food through the food stamps in NC:

Food assistance program is available in NC that helps the low income families get nutritional food. Those meeting eligibility requirements can visit the welfare office and apply for a SNAP card. As opposed to the well-known and previously issued food stamps, a plastic card named the SNAP card will be issued to the approved families. This card could then be used at stores nearby to buy food items. For other information, visit DHSS

4. Are your children uninsured? Get affordable health insurance today:

With the need to juggle multiple facets of everyday life, many single parents are not able to afford a private health insurance for their kids. Thankfully, the Health Choice  program(NCHC) comes to the rescue of parents and children in North Carolina. Low income and moderate income families who find private insurance unaffordable can apply for NCHC and receive low cost insurance for every child in the household. Note that as opposed to most of  the programs discussed before which served only the low-income households, NCHC also serves the moderate-income families. But those having moderate income will, as per guidelines, be required to make higher monthly premiums. While you make an affordable part of the premium every month, the rest will be covered through Health Choice. Learn about insurance coverage, requirements and application here

5. Heating bill assistance:

One of the programs that, unfortunately, gets unnoticed by many families is the LIHEAP. LIHEAP aims to help families who find managing the heating costs of their home difficult.  Apart from helping families facing imminent danger of losing utility service, LIHEAP also helps with energy-related home repairs and broken heating equipments. For requirements and more details – energy assistance

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  1. Annette says:

    It is my understanding that subsidized childcare funding has been cut off for North Carolina. The waiting list goes back a year. What are we supposed to do for help please?

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