Help for Single Mothers in New York

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Single Mothers can get financial help in New York by applying for cash assistance, food assistance, housing help, grants and other assistance programs. Note that the assistance programs offered in NY are not just available for single moms but to any family that meets the income and asset requirements.Aside from the income limits, one also has to be employed, going to school, or willing to engage in job training, to be eligible to apply and get benefited by state financial assistance. The following list provides a summary of each program and how it helps single mothers:

1. Get temporary cash Assistance in NY through TANF:

TANF is a program that provides temporary cash assistance for needy families in New York. Families with minor children that meet income limits will be eligible to apply for monthly cash benefits. Along with pertinent information given in the application, various documents to substantiate the claims need to be submitted. Those getting approved for TANF benefits will receive a EBT – Electronic benefits transfer – card in a few weeks which can be used just like a debit card for everyday expenses. Single moms who are facing emergency situations and need immediate assistance are advised to apply for emergency assistance. Note that the emergency assistance and TANF are not the same. Those who do not qualify for TANF might be eligible to receive assistance with a crisis.

To apply, start by visiting the local social services office. Contact details are here:Contact now.

2. Find cheap and safe rental apartments in New York:

Are you wishing to move to a rental apartment that is safe and more affordable. If yes, you can start your search for affordable apartments in NY right now through the resource offered by HUD:Search now

3. Rental assistance through section 8:

Section 8 – housing choice voucher program- helps families with paying rent for their housing. Single moms getting approved for assistance will be able to save a significant amount of their income which can go towards their living expenses instead of the rent. Note that families will still need to pay a minor part of the rent which will be based on what your income is. As this amount will be no more than 30 percent of your monthly income, you will find it most affordable and not a burden in your pocket. In case of any assistance program, child support payment will also be taken into account while the monthly income is calculated. Those who are not getting child support from the non custodial parent will be asked to co-operate with concerned enforcement agencies.

In addition to offering rental help through the section 8, the state government also provides housing assistance to low-income families. While in case of rental assistance, one could stay in the private housing, public housing offers sanitary housing units in a housing project. To apply for public housing, visit the local housing agency. Readers must note that the resources for public housing are limited. Many applicants will be put on a waiting list if housing units are not available to occupy as of the application date. If your nearest agency is not accepting applications, check with other agencies near you. Aside from the housing assistance offered by the state government, non profit organizations also offer emergency housing. If you are in danger of losing your home, collect information on which local organizations offer such a form of assistance. Visit this page to to get details about local housing agencies and to know more about public housing.

4. Food stamp application:

In New York, food benefits can be obtained by applying for SNAP – previously called the “food stamps”. If you have started facing difficulties with affording healthy food for your family, apply today to receive a SNAP card in a few weeks. This card can be used to buy groceries and food items at stores near you. For more information on eligibility, application process and more, visit social services near you.

5. Health insurance for your children:

Does your kid not have health insurance? If you are not able to afford private health insurance, look into Child Health Plus and Children’s Medicaid. If you are deemed to be earning very low income, health insurance will be offered without charging monthly premiums. On the other hand, those with slightly higher income will be needed to pay a small but very affordable premium. To know if you will be eligible for it and get an estimate of the premium, check the chart here:Check now

6. Childcare assistance to single moms in New York:

Childcare expenses take a big chunk out of every single mom’s monthly income. Fortunately, help is available for single parents in the form of childcare assistance. Single mothers who about to get on public assistance will be eligible to receive childcare help. On the other hand, single mothers not on public assistance who are in imminent danger of losing their job because of non affordable daycare can also apply for daycare assistance at the local social services.

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  1. ayesha fenner says:

    i need a affordable lawyer conserning child support (i do get it) fathers rights (they take it out his check)

  2. Kim says:

    I receive food stamps for me and my children. How can I find out if I can recieve temporary cash assistance and help with rent ?

    • Astrid says:

      Go to department of social services and apply for temporary assistance. That’s what it’s called. They also if you fill out the paperwork and have your landlord fill out a form will pay about 300 a month (like that’s rent in my, right?

  3. Astrid says:

    Department of Social Services has what they call Temporary assistance. It’s just a form and a quick (for DSS) meeting. They will also pay 300 dollars rent to your landlord if your landlord fills out a form.

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