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Are you a single mother? If yes, this article has been written particularly for you to help with information on available assistance programs in Missouri. If you are looking for grants or scholarships, go over our other articles discussing the same. Following is a list of programs in MO aimed at helping low income families:

1. Temporary assistance – TANF in Missouri:

TANF is a program funded by the federal government and administered by the state government. This allows the eligible families to get approved for temporary monthly cash assistance.  If despite the income you make, meeting expenses has become hardly manageable, we urge you to make the most of cash assistance. If you have difficulty gaining employment locally, ask for assistance with the same when you visit the social services office. Job training programs might be just what you need to get yourself back on feet.

Note that only families with dependent children under age 19 can apply for this program. If you need more details or want to know if you will be eligible, contact the local DSS office. Get the contact details of the nearest office here – link

2. Food and nutrition assistance:

Food stamps program can help you with buying food for free. Apply for MO food assistance at a social services office nearby. You can use the pre-screening tool right now to know if you can get approved for this benefit. Click here for accessing the tool. Or you can visit the welfare office in person and offer basic plus financial information to know which assistance programs are open to you. Application can also be filled in and submitted to receive welfare benefits as soon as possible.

3. Free healthcare in MO:

Children who are uninsured can get affordable health insurance by means of the MO HealthNet for kids. Monthly premiums will not have to be paid in case the parent makes a very low income and meets a particular federal poverty level. The income requirements that need to be met as well as the premium amount will depend on both the household income and the family size. To know the income limits for your particular case, refer to the tables provided on this page:limits .Start here for application right away:link

4. Child care assistance:

Day care assistance is offered in this state via the subsidized childcare program. Any family meeting the program guidelines will be eligible to receive the financial help with daycare expenses. Even if you are not on cash assistance or food assistance, but facing trouble with growing daycare costs, apply for this particular program – it is very likely that you will get assisted with daycare. No doubt if you are a single mother in school, this program will be just what you needed to lessen the financial hardship. For a detailed report on the income guidelines, go over this page- link

5. Other grants and loans:

For any more information on the grants or loans available in your state, you can search using the comprehensive guide given in the official website. As it spans several pages, make use of the “table of contents” to view just the programs you feel might help your case.

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  1. Vickie says:

    I think I would like to seek help for my 35 yr old daughter who is expecting a new baby in a few weeks. She was laid off from her job right before Thanksgiving. She has ten dollars to her name and a half tank of gas. Her rent and utilities are due and here it is Christmas. She also has a 13 yr old son. I can only help her so much as I am retired and on fixed income.

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