Help For Single Mothers In Michigan

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Single mothers who are Michigan residents can get help through various assistance programs that are available in the state. In addition to helping with cash assistance and food stamps, the government also offers aid for emergencies. If you would like to apply for financial help immediately, visit the department of human services near you. Below is a list of programs aimed at aiding low-income households:

1. Cash assistance:

Temporary cash assistance can be received by those in need of help with expenses via a program called TANF. Applicants who are underemployed or unemployed will be eligible for assistance. Note that cash assistance can be applied for only by families with dependent children. Individuals will not be eligible for TANF. In Michigan, this particular program is given the name “Family Independence Program”. True to the nature of this assistance, cash benefits can be received for a maximum of 48 months in a lifetime.

To apply for this program, visit the DHS county office in your area. Find their phone numbers and contact addresses through this link,

2. Michigan’s Child Development and Care Program:

The government realizes that single parents can face hurdles in attaining self-sufficiency if their children do not get a safe and quality child care service. To deal with such hardships, subsidized child care is in place, giving qualifying applicants financial assistance for daycare expenditure. Read the eligibility requirements here and apply for the same through application form posted here

3. Help with paying for the heating costs at your home:

Apart from cash and daycare assistance, financial help for paying the heating costs at home is also available for the Michigan residents. The program that deals with this sort of assistance is called the LIHEAP – low income home energy assistance program. In addition to LIHEAP, there is also another program called the “Weatherization Assistance Program”. By getting approved for the same, you will be able to get help with lowering the utility bills and energy use at your home. Do not overlook the importance of applying for it as it will end up saving you couple of hundred dollars each year. More details here – WAP

4. Get health care for your children:

Are the monthly premiums making you shy away from getting private health insurance for your kids? If yes, make the most of “Healthy Kids” program in MI. This program is aimed at offering free health care for kids of families meeting the income requirements. Those having very low income will not face a requirement of a monthly premium. On the other hand, single moms deemed relatively high income earners will be required to make an affordable monthly premium. Besides affordable health care for kids, adults will also be eligible to receive health care assistance. through other programs in Michigan.

5. Food assistance:

Food assistance in Michigan helps thousands of families get free food from the grocery stores. If your financial issues are standing in the way of affording healthy food for every family member, apply for food assistance immediately. Assistance is offered by means of a program called SNAP. Those deemed eligible will be sent a SNAP card that functions similar to a debit card. Benefits credited to your account can be easily accessed via this particular card to procure food items at nearby retailers. To know if you are eligible, use the self-screening tool posted in the human services web site.

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