Help for Single Mothers in Massachusetts

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Need information pertaining to help for single mothers in Massachusetts? Our article here provides a list of welfare programs in MA that could help with financial hardships. As a single parent, making ends meet each and every month could drain you. The issues and hardships will be even more heightened if you are looking to gain employment but not succeeding. This could lead to putting a dent in your confidence and hope – a vicious cycle, if you will. If such is your case, we urge you to make the most of all the state assistance programs which will make a difference during your transition to financial independence. Note that both online and offline application is available in MA. If you choose to apply by meeting the concerned authority in person, visit the local” transitional assistance” office.

1. Cash assistance:

If you have been looking for a government grant in MA to help with your monthly household expenses, search no further. You can get financial help with the same in your state by means of a welfare program named “TANF”. Note that this is not labelled a grant but rather is an initiative by the government to support the needy during their transition to self-sufficiency. If you are the head of household, apply for this program and receive cash assistance every month. More detailsĀ  – link

2. Food assistance:

Food assistance is available in all states, and MA is no exception. Apart from getting a hand from the government with all the household expenses, families can also apply for food assistance which ensures your family’s nutritional needs are met. The welfare program dealing with the state food assistance is aptly named the SNAP – Supplemental nutrition assistance program, and is open to all families meeting income and asset limits. If you want to go directly to the online screening and the application page, use this link

3. Children’s Medical Security Plan – most affordable coverage:

If you were found ineligible for the Masshealth, finding a insurance in the private market that is affordable could be tough. Fortunately, uninsured children can get health coverage through the Children’s Medical Security Plan. Unlike private insurance, monthly premiums will be very affordable to all families. If your income meets a very low federal poverty level, you will be offered health care for your kids free of charge. For information on what the coverage is and details on the premium payments, go here [application is also available in the same page]

4. Utility bill assistance: paying for the heating costs:

Low income families can surely get financial help for paying the heating bills during the Winter. This sort of help is offered via the LIHEAP program, and the amount of benefits you can get qualified for will depend on the household income. To know more about the amount of benefits and the application procedure, access this link

5. Free or low cost child care:

As a single parent focused on finding or keeping a job, daycare expenditure will be one of the foremost barriers to getting by comfortably every month. Most parents attest that if not for the expensive daycare, they would have beefed up emergency savings or saved money for kids’ education. Thankfully, in MA, parents can apply for state assistance with the daycare costs. Subsidized daycare makes affordable childcare possible by offering financial assistance to qualifying families. For more details – link

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  1. amy says:

    Need help. A friend sons father died a couple of days ago. She needs help with cleaning out his apartment and getting full custody of son. She is not working and is on assistance. Is there an agency that can help her with moving truck and legal issues. Thanks for any information.

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