Help for single mothers in Maryland

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Financial assistance for single mothers:

Single moms in Maryland can get approved for different assistance programs if they meet the requirements. The assistance comes in the form of cash assistance, food stamps, housing vouchers, daycare subsidy and lot more.You will learn all about these in this article.

1. Cash assistance for the needy:

Needy families with dependent children who meet the income requirements of TANF are eligible to receive monthly cash assistance. As this sort of assistance is only available temporarily in all states, it is most important that the TANF-receiver attains self-sufficiency through work. If you are in the midst of completing your education, you can apply for TANF, too, and receive benefits until reaching financial independence. If you prefer to get information related to welfare programs by meeting concerned authority in person, you will have to meet a case worker by visiting the human resources office nearby.

2. Not eligible for Medicaid and cannot afford private insurance?

If you have moderate income and hence could not become eligible for receiving Medicaid, private insurance will be the only option out there for your family. But needless to say, not everybody could afford the private health insurance. Hence, the government has introduced the MCHP – Maryland children’s health program – that provides low cost coverage for children under age 19. Note that this program is also open for pregnant women of all ages. As for the required income level, the household income has to be at or under 200 percent of the federal poverty level in order to be eligible for benefits. Application form can be downloaded right here –form .You can also collect the application form from the local health departments.

3. Housing assistance and section 8 in MD:

Rental help is available in Maryland for the low income tenants in the form of housing choice vouchers. The housing choice voucher program aims at providing safe and sanitary housing for those who cannot otherwise afford it. This helps them rent a house in the private market, and them seek assistance from the state government with paying rent. As for the application, you would have to contact the local public housing agency for details. Do keep in mind that the rental assistance will be given to the landlord directly instead of sending the funds to you. The contact information of all the PHAs in MD are clearly listed here – contact info

4. Affording child care service – child care assistance in MD:

As child care costs are rising, the government acknowledges that inability to afford child care can act as an insurmountable hurdle to the working families. Hence, child care assistance is issued to families who meet income and asset guidelines. Note that this program is open to both the low income and moderate income households, unlike in the case of majority of the welfare programs in the state. Of course, the benefits a moderate income household will qualify for will be less than that of the low income households.

5. Food stamps:

Food assistance is offered to the eligible residents of MD through the SNAP program – a SNAP card has replaced the previously given away food stamp coupons. This card works just like a debit card and also enables you to check food benefits balance over the internet. Once received, the card can be used at the participating stores in your local area to buy food products.

More information:

More comprehensive information on all available assistance can be read through this link – Resources. This page is as comprehensive a resource can get. It includes links to all the the government benefits ranging from transportation to education. If you still have trouble finding assistance with meeting your needs, we urge you to call 2-1-1 right away – a phone line operated by non profits for the sole purpose of helping needy and those in crisis.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I’m a divorced mom with a daughter who’s almost 13. I’m not sure where to turn. We reside in my aunt’s home (maintaining separate households). My aunt passed suddenly in early January. We live here due to the fact that I’m disabled (waiting on my SSI/SSD attorney to contact me with a hearing date) with a fractured femur & arthritis in both knees & lower back. Recently, my ex-husband (my daughter’s biological father) filed an emergency hearing after not being a part in my daughters life since she was a baby, my daughter & I both fear what he’s capable of doing. I went to the hearing & proved that my child was not in danger whatsoever & thankfully, the judge dismissed the case however, he is re opening our divorce case from 2003 to discuss custody. When we divorced, my daughter was 2 & he said nothing about wanting custody of her (our older daughter, who is now of age, was living with relatives). He hid for many years until I tracked him down when my child was 8 & tried to get him into her life. He would show up, disappear for months, show back up, you see the pattern until he finally just ceased all contact. Until recently. I want to move out of my now deceased aunt’s home but I am on state benefits since I am unable to work & I couldn’t afford rent of more than $250-300 (if that). He blames his disappearances on an ex girlfriend who supposedly despised my kids yet he continued to stay with her. Now he has a new woman in his life & is wanting to suddenly include my daughter in their lives. I should also mention that he was accused of molesting my older son from a previous marriage & our older daughter, but never tried in court for & he physically, mentally & sexually abused me. Now the divorce case has been reopened so that custody can be discussed & my daughter has made it very clear she does not want to spend time with him without me present, honestly she wants nothing to do with him. What can I do? I know it’s a lot, looking for housing, upcoming hearings on custody all while mourning the loss of a very dear & loved family member who was like a second mom to my daughter. I’m hoping someone can give me advice on this matter.

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