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Help for single moms in Kentucky[KY]:

Single moms in KY needing financial help with living expenses or grants are advised to apply for state assistance programs. These programs will help with affording daycare, healthy food, private health insurance and housing. In addition to that, qualifying families can also get monthly cash assistance. We have listed information on these programs below and also given links to the official pages to download application forms:

1. Kentucky cash assistance – the “K-TAP” program:

Residents of Kentucky can avail cash assistance through the TANF program. In KY, this specific program is given the name “Kentucky Transitional Assistance” (K-TAP). Although this sort of assistance is only available temporarily for all approved applicants, no doubt it will make a very distinct difference during the most needy times. Do note that this is open to only families with dependent children and not to all needy families. Needless to say,you will have to meet the income as well as the asset limits to get approved for cash benefits. Those wanting to apply for K-TAP must visit the Department for Community Based Services office nearby. For more information on welfare requirements and benefits, refer to this page

2. KY Food stamps:

Food stamps program helps families and individuals with affording nutritious food. Those meeting asset and income requirements of the program can apply for food benefits by turning in the application form with all required pertinent details. Download the application form online here – apply. Mail the filled in form to the Department for Community Based Services office location – make use of the link we gave previously to find the location.

Once the application is turned in, a notice will reach your home within 30 days of application informing you of the approval status. Instead of the previously issued food stamp coupons, an EBT card is now being issued to approved applicants. This particular card functions like a debit card and can be used at all participating local stores to buy food products – make note that hot foods cannot be bought using this card. For application and other details – link

3. Child care assistance for kids under age 13:

If your current income is too low to afford a safe and quality child care provider, apply for the child care assistance program in Kentucky. Single mothers struggling to juggle daycare and all other living expenses find daycare assistance from the government to be a real lifesaver. You can avail of these benefits if you are working, in school or attending job training.

How does the program work?: Program is open to families who are looking for assistance with paying daycare for kids under age 13. Benefits can only be availed if your household income meets the income guidelines. Know the specific income limits of the program here. Even if you have any queries or would like to apply immediately, we advise you to contact the concerned authority using these telephone numbers – link. Ensure you submit all required documents for verification along with the application form. Once you are approved for benefits, you can opt for any daycare provider and get assistance with the expenses. The sum of benefits will be offered to the childcare provider on your behalf. If the benefit amount falls short of covering the entire daycare expenditure, you will be required to make a contribution towards the same.

4. KCHIP – Free or affordable health insurance:

Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program enables uninsured children of low income and moderate income families to get affordable health coverage.If you have been looking everywhere for a health insurance meeting both your budget and kids’ needs, we urge you to apply for KCHIP today. To know about the particulars of coverage, application and monthly premium amount, go here

5. Rental assistance in Kentucky:

Are you a single parent in great need of help with your housing rent? If yes, look into the rental assistance in KY offered by the HUD. This particular government program is named as the “section 8”; families meeting income guidelines will be offered monthly rental assistance to enable them to continue afford rent in their current housing or find a new housing meeting their needs and also meeting HUD housing standards. To ensure the housing you select fits HUD standards, a section 8 inspector will perform inspection of the same. Those passing the inspection will be offered financial assistance with renting it. Contact a local housing agency today for more information or to apply – agencies

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    im a single mom of two girls. my youngest daughter has cystuc fibrosis and cerebral palsy. I need help with getting a job that will work around her illness and sr appointments and im starting school very soon. their father doesn’t help. but 100$ a week.

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