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Financial assistance programs and grants in Iowa[IA]:

Residents of the Iowa state can apply for several assistance programs if they are in the midst of hard and needy times. Single mothers can make use of these state assistance programs to get through financial difficulties and stride towards self-sufficiency. Application for all the programs can be done by visiting the county DHS office near you. Online welfare application is also available to Iowa residents to facilitate faster application and processing of the same. Make sure that you furnish all the required documents while applying for welfare, including but not limited to identity and income proof.

1. Cash grants through the TANF program:

TANF is the name of federally-funded program through which needy American families are offered temporary cash assistance. The primary requirement to become eligible for this assistance is that the family must have a dependent child. If not,applying for TANF is not possible. Other eligibility requirements include income limits and asset limits, which vary based on family size. If approved, you can receive cash benefits for a period of up to 60 months in a lifetime. Application for welfare benefits can be done either online or offline. To do it offline,you can download the application form, fill it out and submit to the local DHS office. The links for application form and contact details of the DHS offices can be found here

2. Food stamps and WIC:

Food assistance can be obtained through the SNAP program which gets you an EBT – “electronic benefits transfer” – card with which food products can be procured from the grocery stores near your home. Income requirements have to be met in order to become eligible for food benefits. Application form can be found online on this page

3. Apply for child care assistance:

If affording a child care provider does not seem quite within your reach due to low monthly income, you can get assistance by means of the child care assistance program in IA. Applications are open to working parents needing daycare assistance for a child under age 13. To know income requirements and to apply, go to this page

You can also go through this screening tool to see beforehand if you will be eligible for receiving assistance –link

4. Hawk-i program:

As a working single parent, covering all expenses can be daunting. If affording a private health insurance seems out of your reach and you need government help with the same, apply for the “hawk-i” program today. This can get free health insurance for kids of very low income families and a very affordable coverage for kids of moderate income families. To know whether you can qualify and to know the amount you will have to pay as premium, refer to this page

5. Help with paying rent in Iowa:

If the rent is non-affordable to you but you prefer to stay in a house in the private market, you can look into getting rental assistance through the “housing choice voucher” program. Eligible families can get assistance every month to pay the rent. To apply or to get more information on the same, contact the nearest housing agency. Contact details of all the PHAs in Iowa are listed here

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