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Searching to get information pertaining to help for single mothers in Illinois? Look no more as we have listed details about all the assistance programs in IL that could help a single mom. Single parents can get aid through a variety of state assistance programs which could help them with affording health insurance for their kids, temporary cash problems, child care expenditure and food for the family. Given below is a list of programs with details on the same:

1. Cash assistance is available to families who demonstrate their need for the same. This is made available via  a program called the “Temporary assistance for needy families”, which offers monthly cash benefits to aid the efforts put forth by applicants to get back on their feet. Approved applicants would receive an EBT card to which the monthly benefits will be credited. Single moms can find that the burden of living expenses on their shoulders will be significantly cut down by this sort of help from the state. This assistance is only offered temporarily, but nevertheless, it acts as a strong catalyst for any family making efforts everyday to reach a better position in life.

Note that the amount of welfare benefits an approved family would be able to receive from the government entirely depends on income and size of family. Get an estimate of benefits you would be eligible for by using screening tools or estimate charts provided in the official social services website.

2. Apply for food stamps for free food:

Make use of the food stamps – currently called the “SNAP card” – to buy healthy food and products from retail stores. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements would receive a SNAP card that can be used at retailers in your local area. To know if you will be eligible for SNAP, use the eligibility calculator available.

3. Free or low-cost health insurance for kids:

As a single mother, affording private health insurance for your kids can be hard. A number of children in IL are without health insurance, on account of the unaffordable insurance premiums. Thankfully, the “All kids” program is in place for all the Illinois families who are earning low income or moderate income. Approved applicants with moderate income will be required to make affordable monthly premiums as opposed to no cost insurance for the low-income households. To know more details about the eligibility requirements and apply online for the same, visit this page

4. Reduce your childcare expenditure:

Childcare expenditure puts a strain on many a family’s finances at some point. The strain could be even higher in case of single parent households. If you are in need of help with paying for quality daycare, apply for the childcare assistance program in IL. This sort of financial assistance is offered to qualifying working parents in all states, and Illinois is no exception. Note that in addition to aiding the working parents, the benefits of this program is also extended to parents on public assistance meeting the work, education or training requirements. Also notable is the fact the assistance is not just offered to those making use of the licensed daycare centers and family homes but also to parents employing in-home care.

How does it work? – The program is administered by the local Child Care Referral & Resource agencies, and applications or pertinent details of the assistance program can be obtained from them. Applicants meeting guidelines are allowed to choose a daycare provider or they can make use of the free service offered by aforementioned agencies to select a local provider with a reputation. As the availability of several local providers could make going over all choices and taking a final decision hard for the parents, these agencies having a comprehensive database could make the process faster.

5. IL rental assistance program – the section 8:

Single moms who have to spend a major part of their monthly income towards their rental private housing can find making ends meet all the more difficult. But this difficulty can be reduced, if not completely alleviated, by means of the rental assistance program. This is achieved by helping families with financial assistance so that only a maximum of 30% of their income goes towards the rent. Get details here on how to apply –

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  1. jessica schaeffer says:

    I am 24 years old and I am looking for help to get a car so that I can get a job to provide for my children. Please if you have any advice or can help in any way it would be greatly apreciated. Thank you so much for any help

  2. Edna Parkhill says:

    I have a daughter that lives in county she lost her job and is not getting child support for her son. She current was given 2 weeks to vacate her trailer which is all she could afford. I live in texas and am able to help her move here to help get her on her feet. The problem is the state will not let her leave with her son. Because of the father who does not pay child support. Does anyone no of somewhere she can get help to get full custody an move to Texas?

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