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Financial help for Single mothers in Georgia goes a long way towards helping families get back on their feet. Our article here aims to help residents of Georgia get informed about the various programs in place to assist the needy during trying times. Note that the gateway to all information pertaining to financial help in your state is the official site –

When people think of getting financial assistance from the government, cash assistance could come to mind. But cash assistance is just one part of the assistance package that the state government offers to low-income families. There are several other programs, as part of the welfare benefits, to help you through difficult periods. Here is a list of them with a brief discussion on each:

1. Cash assistance in Georgia – TANF:

TANF stands for “Temporary assistance for needy families” – a program offering cash assistance to families to support them while they make efforts to attain self-sufficiency. Single moms could encounter unprecedented barriers if financial issues spring up when they are already struggling to cope with the challenges of single parenting. These financial issues could hold back anyone willing to improve their life situation. Thankfully, if you fit the aforementioned profile, you can get support from the state. Income requirements, among others, need to be met to be eligible for cash benefits. Those in need of benefits are urged to contact their local family and children services (DFCS) office.

You can find a list of their locations in this page at DFCS –

2. Afford quality child care:

If you are not able to afford quality child care for your kid, subsidized child care program could help. The program is named CAPS – Childcare and Parent Services – and is available for children under the age of 13 whose parents are United States citizens or legal residents. As opposed to receiving the welfare benefits directly, the support payments through CAPS will be given to the daycare provider. Note that while this financial support is offered to any family meeting income requirements, those getting approved are likely to be required to make a small co-payment. This affordable co-payment along with benefits through CAPS will cover the daycare expenses, thereby relieving yourself of financial stress. To get details on its requirements and application process, visit the DFCS link we mentioned earlier.

3. Food stamps – SNAP Card:

Food assistance in Georgia can be availed by applying for SNAP program. Besides applying for benefits by handing over application to DFCS, application for food benefits can also be submitted over the Internet by making use of a service named the COMPASS. Families getting approved will be given a SNAP plastic card which could be made use of to buy groceries at stores nearby. To know if you could get approved for the same, use the online tool here: COMPASS

4. Low cost health insurance for your children:

If the household income is high relative to the federal poverty level, qualifying for Medicaid will become impossible. Such families will have nowhere to turn but to private health insurance. Unfortunately, affording private health insurance is no easy task for anyone, let alone single parents. If you are a parent not able to afford private insurance for your kids. Georgia has the “Peachcare” program as a solution. A program aimed at helping the uninsured children, this program paves way for low-cost insurance or even free health care for the needy. Note that most families only get to qualify for low-cost option wherein the adult has to make affordable monthly premiums. Only families with income matching extremely low poverty level will be eligible for free health insurance. Know more in the official site today –  peachcare website

5. Afford private rental housing – Georgia section 8 application:

Do you find that most of your income goes towards nothing but the rent? If yes, you certainly are not alone! This is the case all over the nation, and thankfully, section 8 in Georgia can provide financial support with rent. A significant part of the rent can be paid through the use of rental assistance if you qualify and get approved.You can apply for section 8 by visiting a local public housing agency(PHA); the contact details of local PHAs can be found here

6. Help with paying for heating costs:

Did you know that apart from cash assistance and food stamps, you can also get financial assistance for paying heating costs of your home. There are many a family in such great need that financial issues stand in the way of using an heating equipment at home. Such families can apply for heating assistance through online application found here

3 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    Yes these are some of the benefits but what are we suppose to do when we have to wait for up to 5 years for housing assistance? I have tries the CAPS program but was denied because i didn’t get enough hours at work or they didn’t accept the college I was attending. Maybe if I had a reliable babysitter for both of my children I can get those 60 hours evey two weeks that i was paid. But there is no need of having these kind of assistance if you have to go through hell and back to get assistance.

    • Cindy says:

      Alicia, I agree! I go to school as well. But at first I was told that I could go to school, no matter the hours I went, and get CAPS. Then when I applied and talked to a CAPS worker, she told me I didn’t qualify because right now I only go eight and a half hours a week. I have to have someone else watch my two children on the days I go to school. I am beyond aggravated and am looking for a program I was told about that gives the parent a house, pays for their schooling and pays for the daycare for their child(ren)!

  2. Libby says:

    Maybe Alicia and Cindy could swap babysitting services for each other that would allow them both to attend school.

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