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Various assistance programs in Florida help families with dependent children in need of financial help. Single mothers needing cash, rental or food assistance can apply for them and get a helping hand during trying times. Application for such programs can be completed by meeting a case worker in person at social services near you, or it can also be done online in a matter of minutes. Typically, approval takes a few weeks of time, and your application status can be checked online without hassle. In addition to getting help through state assistance, single moms can also get aid from various non profit organizations across Florida that serve minorities and economically disadvantaged women.

Getting aid from the state:

1. The foremost financial assistance offered in Florida is the cash benefits through the TANF – Temporary assistance for needy families. Families having dependent children under the age of 19 and also meeting the income requirements will be eligible to receive benefits through TANF. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, applicant must be employed, going to school or receiving job training. The goal of the program is to provide a helping hand to underemployed and unemployed while they are striving to become financially independent. Pregnant women in their last trimester will also be eligible to receive cash benefits in the state of Florida.

2. Single mothers meeting the income and asset limits can also be eligible for food assistance in Florida. Food benefits coupled with TANF benefits offer significant help with living expenses to families. Do note that in order to be eligible, single moms who do not receive child support from the non-custodial parent as of the application date must offer child support cooperation to the concerned enforcement agencies.

3. Access to affordable healthcare for your kids:

Every state has a program that aims to provide low-cost healthcare for children to families that are not able to afford private health insurance. In Florida, such a program is called the “Florida KidCare” and is open to kids under age 18. In addition to children without insurance, kids who have private insurance might also be able to qualify for receiving the benefits. Families are suggested to make use of the screening tools available online to check their eligibility. Get more details here – Those who want to get started can use online application and get approved within a maximum of 6 weeks.

4. Florida rental and housing assistance:

As is the case in other states, the local housing agencies are responsible for administering the housing and rental assistance in Florida. Those in need of a more affordable housing or in need of rental assistance with their current housing can make use of the programs managed by these housing agencies. Assistance with rent will only be offered through the section 8 – also referred to as the housing choice voucher program – if your current landlord wills to participate in it. Alternatively, those wishing to move from their current home can choose a safe private housing and apply for section 8. Contact your local housing agency today to get more details and apply for housing help.

Local agency contacts –

Other sources of assistance in Florida:

Apart from the financial help offered by the state government, single mothers can also find that several organizations lend a hand to those weathering a financial hardship. Such organizations are known for offering individuals and families assistance with emergency expenses, overdue bills, clothing, food, and furniture, among others. Here is a short list of organization that help residents of Florida:

1. Emergency Care Help Organization –

To those needing emergency assistance, Echofl could help with food, clothing, and household items. In addition to these, Echofl also serves as a source of help to the homeless.

2.  Women’s Resource Center of Tampa –

WRC Tampa offers a plethora of financial assistance that help families in crisis. Apart from helping with food and clothing, they also help with access to other resources.

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  1. Evelyn Fortich says:

    Looking for some financial help, im a 24 y/o mother of two small kids.

  2. deborah chalmers says:

    My name is Deborah chalmers and I am a displaced homemaker . Just a day ago had to relocate to Tpa Fla with my son. (Arick mcDonell) He is an above average 9th grader who who was taking ap classes as well as attending the college for English credits in Mesa Az. We have no transportation, income or health ins. I immediately applied
    for govt assistance. An Placed my son in a virtual school on line staring up 1/11/2013. (Due to no transpotation or time to research schools in the area.) If there is any other resources including available transportaion available please let me know.
    Deborah chalmers

  3. debra radosmski says:

    thank you, is there a single mom grants that I can be approved for… I just want my family back and be happy once agin

  4. sherese says:

    Hello single teen moms to be!
    . My QUESTION” ? IS …Is there any organizations in the Palmbay/Melbourne Florida(BREVARD COUNTY)
    area that helps single teen moms or moms 2 be with baby supplies & or furniture for. (example) diapers,wipes,formula new born clothing e.t.c.,cribs,bassenets,changing tables,play pen etc.

    . Thank you.
    . mom 2 be

  5. Lorna Hamilton says:


    I’m a single mom of 3 looking for some help we have been homeless since May, I am currently in a motel which we have to leave tomorrow and will be sleeping in our truck due to no more money and can’t save anything spending weekly check to keep something over there head and a lil bit in their belly.. I have turned to every resource that I have been given with no help at this time.

  6. Barbara Ann Ramsby says:

    I am a single mother of 2 baby girls and I am in need of some kind of help. I’ve been trying to get some assistance in order for my girls and I to move from mobile Alabama to Bradenton Florida.My family is from their and unfortunately aren’t doing to good. I have to be reunited with my family members for moral support and help my mom and grandmother threw these trying times. If there are any resources out there that could help out with the relocating and housing for us we would be in a much better place than we are now. We need some help please… Contact me with any information that might be of interest to our future life please help

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