Help for single mothers in Connecticut

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Financial help for needy families:

State assistance programs in Connecticut offer help for single mothers. Financial assistance could be availed for managing rent, daycare expenditure, food costs and more.

1.Temporary cash assistance:

Cash assistance program in CT is called as the “temporary family assistance” and provides monthly cash assistance for families with dependent children. Apart from the cash benefits, adults getting approved can also make use of the employment services which is aimed at helping with transition from welfare to work. Note that apart from your income, assets will also be taken into account while determining your eligibility. To know about particular eligibility guidelines and application details, go to the official page

2. Food stamps in CT:

Despite the financial issues besetting your family, meeting the nutritional needs of children and yourself must be given paramount importance. Families facing difficulties with meeting the nutritional needs are urged to get assistance through the food stamps – now called as the SNAP program. SNAP, an abbreviation of ” Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program “, offers monthly benefits to approved recipients to help them buy food at local stores. This way, expenses towards nutrition of the entire household will be covered by a “SNAP card”. In addition to this, keep in mind that pregnant women and mothers with infants can make use of the “WIC” program to get supplemental nutritious food for themselves and for their babies. Read about the food stamps and WIC through the links given here:SNAP and WIC

3. Healthcare for children under age 19:

If you have not been able to qualify for Medicaid, finding a private insurance that has good coverage as well as affordable premium is going to be a tall order. Most struggle with finding such a coverage, but fortunately, the “HUSKY Healthcare” in this state comes to rescue. HUSKY Healthcare is the name of the program aimed at helping children of families residing in CT get affordable or free health insurance. As opposed to the lofty premiums in the private market, the premiums of HUSKY Healthcare will be found much more affordable and would not put any strain on the family finances. Note that this is available to children under age 19, no matter what the family income is. Those with a very low household income will get the insurance free of cost while others will have to pay premiums and co-payments. To know the amount of premium you might have to pay, check out the table posted here

4. Child care assistance – Care 4 Kids :

Have you been wondering how you are going to cope up with the rising costs of the child care services? The good news is you could apply for child care assistance through the Care 4 Kids program if you ever find the child care costs to be non-affordable. You will be eligible to get assistance if your income falls within the program limits which are listed up here.

5. Afford a private housing – CT rental assistance:

If you prefer renting a house in the private market instead of choosing the public housing, the housing choice voucher program will be of most help to you. Families who find that monthly rent is standing in the way of meeting basic needs are urged to apply for rental assistance by meeting with concerned authority at the local housing agency. For application and to get more details – link

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