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If you are looking for information related to help for single mothers in California, this page will point you in the right direction. The very first step towards gaining financial help from the state government is getting to know the programs available and determining your eligibility for each one of them. Requirements for assistance will vary by program and by family size plus income. You can find exact requirements by visiting your state’s official human services web site. As an alternative, visit the DHS office near you and get help from a case worker. In addition to knowing if you qualify for welfare benefits, take a note of documentation that needs to be submitted along with paperwork during your next appointment.

Welfare benefits for families in California:

Applicants visiting the social services can apply for every welfare program they qualify for on their very first visit. Here is a list of programs and services in California that might help you:

1. For those needing information on quality daycare centers nearby, childcare resource and referral network – – will able to offer assistance. With a comprehensive list of daycare providers, they will be able to link you with a center exactly fitting your child’s needs and your budget.

2. Apart from finding assistance with referrals to quality local daycare, parents not able to afford childcare service can get financial help with the same. Only applicants who are employed, enrolled in school or job training will be eligible for subsidized daycare. As opposed to offering benefits directly to an approved family, a part of the daycare cost will be offered to the childcare provider directly.

3. Food assistance is offered to families in California via the SNAP program. Those approved for SNAP benefits receive a SNAP card which can be used for meeting the nutrition needs of your family. Note that the SNAP card can only be used at stores participating in the program. Find a retailer near you who will accept the transaction made through the card via For more information, readers are suggested to go over this page – click here

4. To get legal services for free or at low cost, access the database given here – law help

5. Cash Assistance: One of the primary goals of any government assistance program is to help people financially thereby paving the way for self-sufficiency over time. One such program is the TANF – referred to as the “CalWORKs” in California – available for families with dependent children needing living assistance. Financial help is issued via an EBT card which functions just like a debit card. Amount of benefits will be tailored to financial needs of the entire family. Readers in need of cash assistance are suggested to go over the income requirements posted at social services web site to determine if they qualify. Note that in addition to families with children under the age of 19, pregnant women can also be eligible to receive benefits through CalWORKs.

6. Make use of the WIC program in your state to get healthy supplemental food for your children and yourself. In addition to food assistance offered in the form of SNAP, WIC is offered only to pregnant women, infants and postpartum mothers.

7. Single mothers not receiving child support from the non-custodial parent can make use of the service offered by child support agencies. In addition to getting help with establishing a child support order, mothers can also make use of the agency to locate the parent and enforce the order issued by court. To get child support services – Child support program services

8. Small business grants for single moms in California:

SBA does give low-interest loans to people who are about to start a small business and are in need of funding. While there are cases of many aspiring entrepreneurs applying for these loans, most tend to stick with a free business grant search. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are very few business grants given by the federal and state government. On the other hand, better news is that if you are a woman or happen to be a minority, and would like to start a small business, there are a couple of organizations and even for-profit businesses that can help you with funding and mentoring. Your search must start by looking for such organizations that aim to serve economically disadvantaged individuals or minorities.

Where and how to apply for these financial assistance programs?

If you are in need of welfare from the government, you can get a step-by-step procedure to apply for the same in our home page here – apply for financial help .

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