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Single moms in Arizona can get financial assistance through a variety of government programs. When financial issues are abound in your life, getting a hand from various sources of assistance would certainly help a great deal. Apart from getting on welfare, make note of all the local non governmental resources. As applying and getting approved for welfare surely will take time, assistance for emergencies can be availed faster by means of the local resources. This can be help with unpaid rent, overdue bills, shelter, etc. Following is an overview on available government help for single mothers in Arizona and how one can go about applying for all the programs. We have ensured links to official pages mentioning details and specifics of each program are listed.

Government financial assistance in AZ:

1. Get cash assistance each month through the TANF:

Families in AZ who are in need of a little extra cash to manage their household expenses can receive cash assistance through the TANF program. Note that this particular welfare program is only open for the families with dependent children under age 19. The TANF application can be submitted either online or offline. If you prefer online, here is the link to the application form . As opposed to applying online, download the form and mail it to the local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) office. After the application is submitted, an eligibility interview will be conducted by the case worker at the welfare office. Note that apart from approval for the very first time, approved applicants will be required to renew the benefits after a specific period. Get details on eligibility requirements and such in the official site – link

2. Food stamps [SNAP card]:

If your income falls into the low income category, apply for a government program called the SNAP and get approved for receiving food assistance. This particular program aims to eradicate the malnutrition many low income households get subjected to due to unforeseen circumstances. It is imperative that you keep your kids and yourself nourished while you try to get back on your feet and stride towards a brighter future. If you have an infant at home, you can also buy infant formula using the SNAP card. Apart from food stamps, there is WIC program, too, that can get both the mother and children nutritious food. Remember that you no longer will be getting food stamps but instead will be sent an EBT card. This particular card is what you will be using at local stores to buy food items. Links to the official information on food assistance programs are given below:



3. Get financial assistance for the monthly daycare payments:

Paying for child care invariably takes a huge amount out of the monthly household income. What would you do if you can cut down the daycare costs without compromising on the quality of the service? Wouldn’t that make a difference each and every month? Reduced daycare costs would certainly mean a new opportunity to save money and set it aside for specific purposes or for emergencies. But how can a family cut down the expenses associated with daycare? The answer is government child care assistance! Subsidized daycare assistance offered by the government will pay a significant portion of the charges demanded by daycare. The specific amount of assistance a family will be granted will vary based on a number of factors such as income and size of the family.

Families interested in getting help through the subsidized daycare are requested to apply at the nearest DES child care office – office locations. Once your application is approved, choose a daycare provider of your choice and intimate the childcare office of the same. Selecting a local childcare provider is entirely up to you. Refer to the official page – link

4. KidsCare – for uninsured children:

Parents who are worried about their children not having health insurance can make use of the Kidscare program for getting most affordable health care coverage. This will be a boon to families who did not qualify for the Medicaid and were also finding it too hard to fit into private insurance. The monthly premiums will be much lower and affordable to you as the program has been specifically tailored to families with moderate household income.

5. Help with rent payment:

Rental assistance programs are aimed at assisting qualifying families with help for paying monthly rent. Apply for AZ rental assistance even if you make moderate income as the eligibility is not based only on the income of a household. Local housing agencies oversee the management of housing projects and the administration of the program. Those interested in getting government help with rent are advised to contact a housing agency near them.

6. Finding difficulties with paying your utility bills?

There are a couple of programs that can help you with that part in your state. Read this page:link

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