Help for single mothers in Alabama

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If you are needing information related to help for single mothers in Alabama,you have come to the right place. This page lists assistance programs in Alabama that are aimed at helping families in need of government financial help. Although most of the programs serve only families with dependent children, note that in a few states, individuals in crisis are also offered assistance. Readers who are individuals are suggested to check with the local human services office as to know if assistance is offered to them. One can also call the hotline number for a program, if available, to get speedy answers.

List of programs in Alabama:

1. Child care subsidy in Alabama: Low-income and moderate-income families needing monetary help with paying for the daycare provider can apply for child care subsidy. This subsidy will help cover a part of the daycare cost while the rest will have to be paid by you. The amount of assistance offered will vary by applicant as it depends on income and family size. This program will especially be a boon to single mothers who were not able to keep a job or find one on account of not being able to afford quality daycare locally. As for the choice of childcare service, it is up to the parent to select a provider they consider fits their needs. Those in need of help with choosing a nearby reliable provider can visit the Childcare information services – CCIS.

2. Food Assistance for families: Families needing help with buying food items and groceries can apply for the “supplemental nutritional assistance program”, formerly called the “food stamps”. Those qualifying for food benefits will receive a card that can be used at any nearby participating retailer to buy food items. The case worker at local social services office will be able to point out all the welfare programs you qualify for and help you with application.

3. Cash assistance: Apart from offering help with food and daycare, cash assistance is also available to qualifying families with dependent children. The program is named the “temporary assistance for needy families”, and provides monthly assistance fitting the exact needs of a family. Those getting approved will be issued a card named the EBT – Electronic benefits transfer – that can be used for meeting your living expenses. After transactions, you can check the balance on your EBT card online.

4. Rental and housing assistance: Do you find yourself in a position where affording rent has become extremely cumbersome? If yes, make the most of rental assistance offered through the housing choice voucher program. Housing choice vouchers help families with rental housing in the private market. For those deciding against staying in private rental housing, public housing is also offered, and rental help offered for the same. To those in need of assistance, local housing agencies will be able to help with the entire procedure for application and specifics of the program.

5. Help with affordable healthcare for your children: If your children do not have private health insurance, make use of affordable health care offered through a program called “CHIP”. While the name of the program varies by state, it is referred to as “ALL kids” in Alabama. Single mothers having low income might be able to get free health care for their children while those having moderate income will be eligible for low-cost but most affordable service. As in eligibility requirements of most programs, major requirement to qualify for CHIP is meeting the income guidelines. Note that if you are receiving child support from the non-custodial parent, it will also be taken into account while income is calculated.

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    I am a single Mother of 3 teenage boys and I desperately need some help. We are homeless and in need of a vehicle. I am currently working part-time and I’m aggressively looking for full time employment, any assistance you can provide me, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at the email address above or at 334- 368-0794. Thanking you in advance!

    Aries Gilbert

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