How to handle your child jealous of boyfriend

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Jealousy comes naturally for everyone, especially children who feel jealous of other children’s toys and also the attention that other children receive from their parents and friends. If this is left to grow the child might face serious problems at a later date. A child should be taught to overcome jealousy before it gets seriously emotional about it. But however jealousy appears very often in an individual’s life at all ages and the fact is that it can and it also cannot be overcome. How would you handle your child jealous of your boyfriend?

If you have found your man whom you feel is giving you enough time and attention, your child may not like him at all. The reasons could be manifold and simple too, but these reasons should be sorted out with your child who is jealous of your boyfriend. Speak to your child and find out the reason why he does not like your boyfriend. You will really be surprised at the perspectives that kids have when analyzing people, and it does work sometimes.

One of the common reasons, as you might already know, why your child is jealous of your boyfriend is that most of mom’s time is taken up by the new friend. The next reason would be that dad’s return may not happen like they have been fantasizing a reunion with mum and dad. The closeness of mum and the total stranger really makes your child jealous of boyfriend instantly.

The ideal way to set things right between your child and your boy friend is to let them spend some time with each other. Help the pair of them have time to spend with each other or the three of you spend vacations and weekends together. These things could make your child begin to like your boyfriend.

Though it may be hard to cut away from your new guy and stay with your child jealous of boyfriend for a few weekends, it really pays since you are making your child happy. You can slowly get your child acquainted with your guy so you will have more time alone with your boyfriend also.

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