The perpetuating myth about grants for women-owned for-profit businesses

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Ever asked a question for which all you needed was a simple yes or no as an answer but found it hard to get just that. I bet you have been there and done that. One such question that gets asked around by a lot of aspiring women entrepreneurs is whether grants for for-profit businesses are available or not. No matter what you hear from whoever or whatever web site, for-profit businesses will find it almost impossible to get free funding for their ventures. Many are led to believe that there are grants for individuals that the federal or the state government gives away solely based on their financial position and needs. This is false. Although the government does help people through assistance programs, there is no program that is focused on helping women entrepreneurs with free grants for starting up an enterprise.

What for-profit businesses can do to come up with the seed fund:

1. Too many business ideas never saw the day of light just because of the fact that seed fund did not accumulate despite serious efforts. But it does not have to be that way. If you are confident about where you are going with your ideas and feel you have a strong foundation already in the form of a concrete business plan, do not fear presenting it to a lender to get a loan. Loans are definitely not as enticing as free grants but to be frank here, it is the only way in for anyone who is not able to come up with any other way to collect the fund for start-up,

2. Find an investor – We know what comes to your mind. Easy to say but very hard to implement. At the same time, if your business idea is guaranteed to make money, there are plenty of chances you will find an investor before you wear yourself out searching for one. Make use of social media to see if anyone is looking for investing opportunities. Grab a chance by the horns if you get. To be able to do all this, you are going to have to work on your business plans and go over everything to see that you feel very confident in yourself. Just think about this – why would an investor turn down your pitch if he is sure your business will definitely make money. The only reason one will turn you down is because he or she is apprehensive and is not sure you are confident enough to take on this venture. Prepare yourself, equip yourself with knowledge of the business and much-needed resources. When the day comes, present your ideas and let out your confidence to get yourself a shot at entrepreneurship,

3. Choose a business that needs very minimal investment – Definitely would not appear as an option for those who are specifically trying to get into a field of their interest. But for others who are more interested in getting rid of the day job shackles, choosing a business that does not need too much investment will at least provide a chance to move forward without having to abandon your hopes because of stalled funding efforts.

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