Grants for single mothers – need help with living expenses?

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We notice that one of the questions frequently asked by single mothers in need of financial assistance pertains to the grants for living expenses. There is a slew of assistance programs targeting specific needs and issues faced by the low income families. In the case of living expenses grants, you would not see any grant labelled as such but what you will find is that there are assistance programs for childcare, crisis, healthcare, food, and education. A well-known fact is that one of the barriers to working full-time for a lot of single parents happens to be finding affordable childcare. The subsidized childcare program is aimed at tackling this very issue and give a hand to moms who are focusing on landing their feet on the career ladder. In the case of assistance with living expenses, you can apply for the TANF and obtain cash assistance. Also make note of the one-time TANF which, as the name suggests, is a one-time small payment offered to qualifying families in the midst of a crisis and in the need of emergency financial help. The first step towards getting hold of assistance is knowing the programs you qualify for. Although information on requirements are clearly laid out in the official Social services web site of your state, a visit to the local DHS is recommended as you will be able to grasp comprehensive information on other available financial help via the welfare officer without much searching on your part.

Are you a single mother attending college?

If you are a single mother attending college, financial assistance will be all the more helpful as it could alleviate the stress of working long hours to get by each month. This could in turn make time for you to spend time with children and even have “me time” for yourself. Although there are no grants given away for such a specific purpose, you will be able to find help in the form of aforementioned programs as well as scholarships for single parents in particular. Subscribe to a free scholarship database web site such as the popular fastweb to get scholarship opportunities e-mailed to you as they become available. In order to reduce the housing expenses, make the most of on-campus housing for families which would not just be affordable but also cut the commuting time to college significantly. All these little cuts in expenses will lessen the stress in your life and help you keep your sanity while you are pursuing a degree.

Choose Daycare at college:

If you are yet to choose a college, consider those where help with daycare expenses are offered. There are many that offer daycare assistance grants for families choosing the childcare facility at the college. There are some that help with covering as high as 75 percent of the expenses to assist the parent in the process. Needless to say, there will be criteria set for qualification, and they vary based on college. Look up such schools in your area and go over what other assistance they offer to students who also happen to be parents. Although searching might become a bit tedious, you can certainly save a lot of money by choosing a college with a slew of assistance for families.

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  1. Elaine Broomfield says:

    Im a single mom raising 4boys on my own after 20yrs of marriage,receiving only 220.00 dollrs a month for child support. i would love to go back to school to further my education. im having trouble paying my rent and other bills. its been extremely difficult for me and the boys. please help. my telephone number is 954 226-8784

  2. Rav says:

    Hello I am also a single mother I have 5 children we are living on a very limited budget right now of 311.00 plus food stamps a month. I am currently unemployed and would like to return to school and work however my lack of transportation has been a real barrier for me. I live in a place that doesn’t have any regular public transportation and a cab cost me 12.00 dollars to get five miles down the road from my home. please let me know if you have any suggestions my phone number is 7173242269.

    • Jakes says:

      Hi,Iam a single mother of 2 children have been running a business but due to low business i cant afford to pay office and house bills.Kindly Help

  3. Katrina lewis says:

    hi my name is Katrina iam a single parent of 3 kids my kids 8,4,3 and iam attending school right now and I am liven off 737.00 and iam still trying to hang in there but god helps me over come but I just received a 3 day notice to pay or quite and Iam worried but I pray and I belive iam gonna over come but if you can helpe me please contact me @9164204835 or email me thank you may God bless

  4. Eliza says:

    Single mom, 2 daughters, one of which has a congenital heart defect. Senior at Austin Peay State University although I have 1 1/2 years to go in order to obtain my Bachelor’s degree. I have worked 4 years part time at a mental health center. Friday on my way to work my car motor blew up & my car was on fire. A truck driver braked immediately and with his fire extinguisher put out the fire. Needless to say I no longer have a car to get me to school, my daughter to school, to my job, & to important cardiologist appointments for my daughter. I am trying to return to financial independence, however, without a car I will be condemned to welfare because there are no programs who will help me. If I do not get a car I will lose this semesters credits and have to repay thousands of dollars I will never have. A car is so vital in society to keep up with the demands it puts on us. There is not any public transportation within 5 miles of my rented trailer home. My daughter receives SSI. With my job & SSI total monthly income = 1,000. and less more often I receive $800. per month. My job is payable only when I have clients who need translating services. It is financially unstable work. I have been desperately searching the internet for help getting a car someone else could live without. Thank you for reading my story. Please refer me to anyone who may be willing to help me.

  5. Tracy says:

    I am a single mother of two, a 7year old high functioning autism son, and a 5year old daughter. I already currently live is section 8housing and I would like to go back to college to work in Hospital Administry. I already have many issues with just trying to get rent paid and my electric, even for low income housing. I recieve only medical and food assistance do not qualify for cash, do to the fact my cases against each father are not being made payments on their behaves…I just resently worked two jobs and had to stop them due to non help of child care and prices they asked. How was I to possibly pay amounts that I needed for food or bills. I do not recieve any type of income besides when I do get the chance to work and when qualify for unemployment. Im so tierd of living from check to check or worried if we will have a home if I can not pay bills. SO, how is it possible for me to start college (online) I would prefer due to sons circumstanses, which I also have been fighting SSI for over 2-3years and do currently have a lawyer but not any type of income for even his needs. I also have to move due to there are no doctors that can reach his needs in my location. Im finding this a very hard task, to find a grant for online classes, a new home meeting saftey regs. for my children and some assistance with bills, rent and food while I do these online classes. I am very determined to get an higher education in the medical or any secretary feild (secretary for a high school, and care provider for family member) and having both jobs still wasnt enough. IF you possiblu can HELP me get the right information and assistance i would deeply appriciate and kinda service, for a college degree not only for me but also for my wonderful children who deserve a great start in live. PLEASE aid me in some guidence. How am I to get a grant that will only cover school costing and with no child support or finacial help, I dont see how its possible to have money to pay bills, and renting cost…?

    • Tracy says:

      Plus I see alot of places that will help with the grant and then some for housing and food assistance. I already live in those and cant make it on the low low income i recieve when working, and since I am unable to “servive” as it is how or where would I Go to recieve all these needs not just one, I am devoted to making something out of my life just not easy when no one is helping provide in my situation…I truely need all benefits I can recieve and living in a small town of 3,500 ppl there are not many options, or ppl to help. I would like to move but impossible when Im verly making rent, bill, and food survival…I will take any help I can receive just need to know where and how to go about this kinda situation for a single mom paying all on my own….thank you

    • admin says:

      Tracy, look for foundations that offer aid for education. From your comment, i can easily tell you are one who really needs and deserves help. Any organization committed to helping women through school would be very glad to help you out.

  6. Skyla H McCarthy says:

    Hi, I am a single mother of one 10 year old daughter. My problem is I have no transportation. I work from home making $9.00 an hour lucking I don’t need to leave home for work. But I need a car to take and pick up my daughter from school also other errands etc. dr. dentist after school activities, grocery shopping anything that ving you would need a car for. We have no public transportation available where I live. My mother helps as much as possible. I have not had a car for a long period of time could not and can not afford to buy one. Desperately need one so bad. If there is any help out there to help get one it wold b greatly appreciated so much. God Bless anyone that could afford to help me. I don’t like having to ask for help but this is such a big problem for me. Thank You for any help possible. Skyla H McCarthy

  7. Beth Hagen says:

    I am a single mother of a 7 month old little boy. I was a Nanny and lost my job I bought a car for my job and now i dont have a job… we are struggling to have heat in the house and food because i have to choose between my bills and the things we need. I am lucky enough that we somehow scrape by with nothing left at the end of the month. If there is any unexpected expense we would be out of luck. I wish there was a way to make it on our own but every job i could get would not pay for child care so there is no real point in working to put myself in debt. for gas and childcare ….. anything you could do would be amazing

    • melinda s says:

      I am a single mother of 2 i just went through a divorce lost my job cause me ex- husband kept taking me to court i have no money for anything i lost everything i had because of the divorce and i am trying to make ends meet with my kids and i have nothing no way to pay bills no babysitters no nothing. I have applied for so many jobs and no calls back i dont know what else to do. i have been out of a job for almost a yr and i have been borrowing money to keep going i dont know how much longer i can hold on. i had to move in with my sister but i cant stay there neither their isnt that much room.

  8. Bernadette Bodziak says:

    I’m Bernadette and had finally gotten comfortably back on my feet after many many years of trying and without any public assistance, My two daughters and I lost almost everything in a house fire within months of getting financially stable.. The house has been repaired, bu , and we just moved into it, but we have no beds, no rugs or carpet, no refrigerator,
    window blinds, etc. I have no idea how I will ever recover. If I could get a loan, I am able to pay it back,
    even directly out of my checking account; I’ve had the same job for 24yrs, but after fleeing a a violent husband and father with nothing several years ago, my credit is poor. The insurance company will reimburse me but only AFTER I submit a receipt. Does anyone have a suggestion for me or have an idea of where to start? Bernadette

  9. Britney says:

    Hello … umm im not sure how to go about getting help .. im 19 and 5 months pregnant .. the dad left me and now im stuck!! i need a place to live and help with the rent and utilites.. i have apartments in mind… im scared and not sure what to do i have no baby stuff except one box of diapers ๐Ÿ™ .. i have transportation and a job but it only pays 4 an hour i have been trying to find a better job …. i really need some help i wanna be agood mom help please!!!

    • Mihaela Dumitrescu says:

      You need to call Interfaith housing asap.Here is the nr:760-520-8309. It takes about three to four months to receive a home. It is in Escondido. Do you leave in San Diego? Email me and i can help you. My story is long… but i leave in Interfaith housing and is great!!! I can tell you all details. Don’t give up hope! Much LOVE!!! You are not alone.


  10. suvanna mcdowell says:

    hello….im am a 25 yr old mother of 1 son that is 5….my son has went throw alot this yr with sexual abuse from his dads son witch is 16yrs old….now im getting swed from a wreck i had 2 yrs ageo i already have nothing bc i lost it all in my divorce…last yr….i have no car no money to pay rent or bills i have asked for help from the DHHR but they wanna act like i make to much at my job when i only make 120$ a week when my rent is 450$ power is 100$ and water is 50$….i just wanna cry every day i need help i do work its not like im sitting on my butt getting a check every month….please help


    Hello I” a single mom and have a 10 year old daughter. We really need help. I don’t know how we can get help. I’m always sick and we are barely making it how do e go about getting help can someone please tell e where we can help. Are there any grants or organization to help me.

  12. desiree says:

    I am only 20 and have a 17 month old son i really need help i wont to go back to school…but i have no one….no family…i cant even pay my bills i cannot find a job for anything…i need help with bills and college someone please tell me what to do

  13. Brittany H says:

    I am looking for some help in going back to college and recieving my degree.Im raising my 3 year old daughter on my own due to an abusive relationship I was in with her father.He is in and out of prison so I dont recieve any kind of help with her. I really want to go back to college and am having a hard time doing so. Im working about 20 hours a week and also having hard time finding childcare for my baby girl. Please help me in anyway possible! It would be such a blessing to be able to go back to school! Thanks

  14. Aisha Talley says:

    I need help fast

  15. Michelle says:

    I am a single mother of 2 teenage daughters and I am in a very urgent situation. I was in an accident in 2010 and have not been able to work since, but will not likely get a settlement for years to come since the Soldier that hit us has no insurance. I have filed for disability, but not sure when that will happen either. I have a court order for child support, but rarely get it, and even when I do, is only $240 a month. I have depleted my savings and have borrowed a large amount of money from my mother as well. We currently reside with her, but it is placing a strain on her and not sure how much longer we will be able to stay here. I have finished my college degree and have 20 years experience in the medical field, but there is no way I can return to work due to my injuries. I do get Food Stamps, but as far as money for ALL other expenses for me and my girls, we need immediate help. I also need a place for the 3 of us to live as soon as possible, money for all utilities, and money for clothes, personal items, etc. Anyone with information that could help, I am asking for any help or information I can get. I am not used to not relying completely on myself and have worked at least one full time job since I was 16 (over 30 years ago) and have been a single parent for over 12 years and never relied on their father for anything….lucky thing, since he offers no help, even $240 a month is too much for him, and he has not had anything to do with our daughters since I divorced him 13 years ago.

  16. Danielle edwards says:

    Hello, My name is Danielle. I am a single parent of two kids that is currently unemployed at this moment. I am currently looking for free grants to help me with my living expenses for school, so I can finish my degree program. I currently live in Orlando, FL by myself with no family and friends to turn to for help, and itโ€™s hard to find help here in Orlando with no resources to turn too. I would like to know if possible or any resources to turn too, to get some help for school and living expenses.

  17. jennie says:

    i’m a single mother of 2. not getting child support yet. cant work due to my daughter having leukemia. the DES child care centers here in phoenix, az wont help me cause im no working….even after explaining this same reason. its kind of hard looking for a job when you have to take your kids with you…and one tires easily. My daughter is old enough for school now, but i still have my son who needs daycare. i want them to learn. i want to start college in the spring but the only money we get is ssi cause of my daughters illness. we need money. i need a job. we need daycare which is the same amount as rent. we need a car. i want to go to school….its overwhelming cause we’re running into dead end after dead end. can someone help us?

  18. Denise says:

    I need help. I am a single mom with 4 girls with no child support and am being evicted for over crowding in apt. My landlord has been harassing me for years and apparently there is a law for certain square footage in apts. in nyc. Landlord refuses to do repairs and we had mold from 4 floods and lead in apt. HPD removed it because landlord refused and my daughter has been severely sick with asthma and hospitalized 2x because of mold. I need help to move I don’t have money for security or real estate fees. I am working but I need to move for my sanity and daughters health. please help me – can’t cry anymore.

  19. nicole says:

    i am a 27 year old single mother of 2 wonderful boys. Lorenzo who is 5 and Ay’den whos 1. never in a millin years did i think i would go back to college to pursue a dream ive had since i was a little girl but here i am with an up coming graduation date of june 10, 2013 for my associates degree in health services administration. its not easy at all im trying to survive off of 960.oo dollars a month of unemployement which has to cover my rent lights car insuracne personal house hold items pampers gas daycare my school tuition and what ever else my boys and i need aside from food…. no one said it would be easy and i never expected a walk in the park. but it would b nice to recieve some financial support with my eduaction so i dont have to worry about how that will get paid every month. I know i shoulde found a job once i was laid off but i was pregnant with my 1 year old at the time and no one would hire me. So i took the next thing in line for me and that was a better education that will help me in the long run. Since i was 14 i have been working. im tired of jus having a job im ready for a career and i know college was the right choice for my babys and myself. plenty of days i want to give up but when i look to my kids they give me stregnth and courage to keep fighting and reaching for success. if there is any thing you can do to help with my education i would truly appreciate it. i know one day ill be the 1 sitting on the other end of this computer screen reading someones comment and ill be able to help them just as someone helped me… thank you in advance and may god bless you!!

  20. leila says:

    hi my name is leila, I am a 33 year old single mother of a 6 year old daughter. I am a grad student living with my parents in queens ny. my parents are tired of supporting me and my child, i just dont know where to turn im trying to make it just feeling stuck. I need my own place and a means to support myself

  21. shelby purser says:

    Hello , my name is Shelby , I’m 16 and pregnant , me and the father are together and he is working , we are living at my moms but it is not working out , I’m just at a crossroads and I don’t know what to do we do not have a vehicle and we need a place to live with financial help , we are struggling to save money to move into an apartment but we can’t move until we have transportation , were struggling as well to get that too , just need advice ! Thank you & god bless .

  22. jania hester says:

    hi my name is jania.. I am 21 and a single mother of a 16 month old boy. I was diagnosed with lupus last January. I was hospitalized for months, because of this my mother had to step in and help me take care of my son. She lost her job because of this. They said she was unreliable because many days she had to call off in order to come up to the hospital with me, my appointments and emergency, and because of the lack of having a sitter for my son. During this time I applied for disability. They told my mother I had to wait until I was released from the hospital to apply because I had to make appointments to see their doctors. When I was released from the hospital I was not able to walk or take care of myself. I couldn’t take a shower, or get dressed on my own. Most of all I couldn’t take care of my child so my mother once again had to step in and do all of these things for me. she had to cater to my needs because I was her sick child and I had a little baby.. Now its been a year later and even though I can walk and am able to dress myself now.. there are still days I find myself in a lot of pain, and their are days its hard for me to even get of bed. My lupus is still active and I am still seeking treatment. I have been repeatedly denied by disability so I have given up on that.. I’ve been looking for work but my body makes it hard on me to get their everyday.. Not to mention I cant afford day care and we only have one car at the moment. Due to all my medical bills, and my mom loosening her job we are now homeless and staying at a hotel.. It is me, my son, my mother, and my two little brothers who still lived at home with my mom during all this. we have applied for assistance and get run arounds, we have no friends or family here to help us out. I am at my lowest point and I feel as if I have no one to turn to. i feel as though all the so called “assistance” in my area are not really helpful. waiting list are full for years.

    • jania hester says:

      Please if anyone could possibly help me and my family and our living situation that would be great… or any resources that actually help you get into a place.. my son is almost two and hasn’t been in a real home yet.. i feel like im about to breakdown.

  23. rushana says:

    Im a young single mother whom has a child with sever disability.cant keep ip with living expensise.only live on a grant.he needs medi care clothing toiletries ect.its endless
    I cant go work he needs specail care he cant walk or talk.he needs a mobile toilet and a walker too.what can I do wherw do I go for help

  24. enga says:

    I am a single mom with a daughter..I am behind in my bills really behind in rent..lately I have been ill.. My work hours are few and my pay is low…in Gods name please help me ..I cant let my daughter down.. We need help.

  25. connie says:

    Recently we cannot pay rent, but when I try to access HUD I get nowhere, Any suggestions?

  26. Jakes says:

    My name is Jacki i am a single mother of 2 daughters.Been in business but due to low business i cannot afford to pay my house bills and office rental.
    Kindly help i will highly appreciate now almost being thrown out of residential house

  27. Stephanie says:

    I am a single mother of 2 (3 and 1), no child support, working at the daycare my little ones go to, making 8 dollars an hour (about 34 hours a week). Currently, I am behind on rent and being threatened to be evicted. The problem is I have no family that can help, my mother gave me up at the age of 13, father I met once, he is very ill. I have applied for assistance, but was denied because I make too much, and was told go go to my local church. The local churches around here are LDS, and after contacting them, found out they will not assist unless you have been or are a member. I am not. The homeless shelter is full and has a waiting list of 143 people, I can not apply for loans because I am in bankruptcy ( which now I can’t afford) the landlord will not work with me, Infact he has said that he wants tennents who will be willing to pay higher rent. So I guess what I am looking for is Help. Growing up I slept in parks and ate out of trash cans from behind businesses. I do not want my children in that situation. Please if anyone knows of an agency that is will to give guidance or a helping hand please refer them. I am trying to do what ever I can to make a better life for my children, thank you..

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