Grants for home repairs – Try low interest rehabilitation loans instead

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We get a few requests from our readers every month seeking information pertaining to grants for home repairs. Some seek a hand while they are in the midst of searching for help with roofing or plumbing while others seek help with financial assistance for remodeling. As much as we love to help our readers with direction to programs, this is one specific request to which we have not been able to give out an answer that ends up assisting them with the repair costs. HUD does not offer free grant money to the homeowners for renovating their houses. On the other hand, if you are in desperate need for money to do the repairs, you can opt for the rehabilitation loans instead.  Of course, these are not grants that do not have to be paid back but at the same time, this particular program has helped hundreds of homeowners salvage their shelters with timely financial assistance. The advantage of these home rehab loans, as you can imagine, is lower interest rate and easier approvals for those who meet the requirements set by the authority. Look up for these loans in your area and see if you are eligible for them. The primary criteria to be eligible for these loans is the income limit.

Rehab loans in Milwaukee:

One specific example we would like to point out here to help you get an idea of what these loans are all about and what the application to such a program entails is the loans given out in Milwaukee to the owner-occupants. Low interest loans are provided to homeowners who are looking to up the condition of their houses thereby contributing a small part to the neighborhood improvement. Although these loans can be used to focus on any particular home repair, the program’s official page has the top priorities listed. You can find the entire list of priorities by visiting the page below:

Rehab loans for repairs

While what you see are priorities, they are by no means the only criteria. To see if you get qualified for the loan, we suggest you download the application and submit it with all required information. You can download the form here: DOWNLOAD

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Tackling homelessness:

There comes a time when your search for renovation assistance does not come to fruition and all your plans to up its condition stands still. While some might still get by with the present condition of the house, some others might find that it is better to move out and find a more safe sanctuary. It will be indeed be a tough time to be on the verge of homelessness and scour resources for a solution. One solution we recommend is the homeless counseling services from the HUD. This particular service is free of charge and no counselors working along with the HUD in this program are allowed to charge you any fee. If a fee is requested by the agency you work with, report the incident to the concerned HUD authorities.

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