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If you had searched for info on grants for single mothers and assistance programs in the internet, you should have come across at least one web site where they claim they sell grant information book for a small charge. One fact grant-seekers should be aware of is that information about government grants and benefits programs are available for free in the governmental web sites. There is no need for you to buy a grant book or join a site by paying a fee. In order to view the assistance programs for which you can qualify and apply, we suggest you go over the web sites mentioned below:

This is the official benefits site of the US government wherein every detail you need about the available financial assistance programs is laid out clearly. If you look at the right side of the aforementioned website, you could see a section named “Benefits quick search”. Select the welfare benefits program category which fits your needs, and you will be presented with a comprehensive list of government programs that cater to you. If you are looking to apply for a single mother grant or just need details on local financial assistance programs, this benefits web site is the only resource you will ever need. Note that even if you do not quality for a one-time single mother grant, you could be eligible for monthly assistance for rent or daycare expenses. Bottom line is that financial assistance programs are just as beneficial as a one-time government grant.

Other governmental web sites related to grants for single mothers:

Here are two more sites that list comprehensive information and details pertaining to grants for single mothers and financial aid. Take your time to familiarize yourself with navigation of these resources as they contain a lot of information that could overwhelm you.

Finding grants for single mothers the easy way:

Looking for an education grant?:

Apart from the pell grant, single moms can make use of the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) to get help with college tuition. The grant is offered to the needy undergraduate students, and the amount of grant given for your education will be based on the expected family contribution. More details can be found here:FSEOG

Keep in mind that although there are not many single mom grant opportunities out there which are given specifically for education of a single mother, there are plenty of school scholarships. Look for scholarships catering to the minorities, scholarships tailored to single parents, and local scholarships given through non-profit and for-profit organizations in your area.

Can a single mother get grants for rent?:

If you are finding it hard to afford the rent, and desperately need a grant for rent, you must look into the rental assistance offered by HUD. Although not labelled as grants for single mothers, this could be a lot of help for any single parent struggling to deal with the monthly rent. Here is an article where this particular topic is discussed in detail: rental assistance for single moms. To alleviate the difficulty of affording rent, you can either choose public housing or apply for the housing choice voucher. Picking the housing choice voucher will allow you to find a safe and sanitary house in the private market, and you can use the assistance to pay a major part of the rent.

Grants for utility bills:

There are no such grants given for this specific purpose but those needing help with the utility bill payment must look into LIHEAP[link]. This program provides the approved applicants money assistance with the heating and cooling costs.

Grants for child care:

You can apply for the childcare assistance program in your state to get financial assistance with the daycare expenses. Look for more details by visiting the official DSS site of your state. For instance, here is the page offering details about the daycare assistance in Louisiana:page. It should be noted that the amount of daycare assistance approved applicants receive will vary based on their income and family size. In cases where the assistance does not cover the entire expense, a co-payment will need to be made. You can find out the amount of co-payment by going over the guidelines posted in the official page.

Single mother grants for small business:

If you are a single mother aiming to start a small business and looking for ways to get funding assistance from the federal or the state government, here is an article that could help: real small business grants. Also, search for SBA loans if you have no other option but to resort to getting a loan. Getting a business grant is no easy task, and truth be told, there are not many offers available for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Be wary of anyone claiming otherwise.

WIA Grants for unemployed and low income individuals [ low income single moms could get priority ]:

How would it feel when you are the sole breadwinner in the household and you got laid off? Even imagining such a situation could create anxiety to a lot of single parents. But the reality is that single parents, just like anyone out there, might get unemployed, and that could put them in an extremely difficult position, especially when there are sparse savings in the bank account. One thing to be aware of if you are an unemployed single mom is that there is a grant called the “WIA grant” which specifically caters to people who got laid off and are looking to upgrade their skills in order to secure another job. Once you get approved for the grant, all you need to do is select a qualified training provider and make the most of what is offered to enhance your skills that could catapult you to a better position in life. Among the several grants for single mothers that are available out there, this grant certainly ranks among the top 5.

You will have to meet the income requirements in order to be eligible and apply for the same. Although such a government grant availability will appear as great news for many, you have to keep in mind that there are several low income earners who apply for it. You might be put in a waiting list, and that could entail waiting a few months to receive help. At the same time, it must be noted that people on public assistance and unemployed individuals will be given priority.

How do i apply for the WIA grant?

Apply for it through the One-Stop Career Center in your area. You can find details about the centers over here – link

For more details, use this link – help through Workforce Investment Act

Any other help?

Read our page on the resources here: Resources and grants for single mothers. It contains a compilation of various sources of assistance which address diverse needs of low income families. Even if you do not find yourself getting financial aid labelled as grant for single mother, this list of resources could help during a trying time in your life.

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  1. Consuelo ramirez says:

    Iam 24years old i have 2boys ages 3n 1 my e year old was born with a unibiguisgenitaia (born with out a sex n iam singel with baby one the way i wish to go back to school i struggle every da no income nn just lost my littel brother in ja a sick mother n father id wish to help finacialy .. Consueloramirez

  2. Flora Irangi says:

    Hi my name is flora. You are doing an amazing thing. I wish to find out if it’s possible for you to give grants to African single mothers. Thanks

  3. Stacy Puppe says:

    I trying to move to Wisconsin from North Dakota. I’m locked out employee of American Crystal in Drayton, ND. I’m a single mother, my son Tayden is 4 years old and has ADHD. I’m wanting to move to Wisconsin to make a better life for my son and myself. There’s way more doctors around the area we’re planning to move to then the whole state of North Dakota! At this time in North Dakota I’m receiving assistance for my energy, food, rent and utilities. I was hoping it would all transfer but not my rent! Does anyone know who else I could call to try to get housing assistance? I’m a CNA and I’m able to transfer it to Wisconsin! I really need help with my rent. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to afford the move let alone the deposit and 1st months rent! ANY IDEAS?? PLEASE!!!
    Stacy Puppe

  4. julie dumke says:

    im a single mom with four young children just lost a very good job my son was ill I was in hosp with him and was fired and because my mother called into my work and not me im denied unemployment.I just got ten day notice to vacate I receive no child support ive no money left.going through a divorce and he trashed my credit by leting his vehicle my name was on get repo so I cannot get a loan. ive no family noone thatll let me and my kids stay with them until I find a job, dont even know how or where im going to move our stuff ive a very bad back and my dr. driped me because I lost my ins and doesn’t take med card I cannot walk without meds ive been on past ten years ive a nasty mother in law threatening shes taking my kids after we are kicked out of here and homeless I cannot be without my kids:( I had such a good job made very good money renting a beatiful savings been wiped from divorce and lawyers then this I loose my job.dont have a dollar to my name.went to local houseing place was told six month waiting list and longer if you dont have a job or income. i just dont know what to do:(

  5. Desirea Corcoran says:

    i’m a single mother of 2 young boys with another child on the way. i would like to go to school and still be able to adiquitly take care of my boys. im working full time right now and barely making it. i could use help with my money situation since there was the unexpected death of my mother it has nearly lost my job and house. is there any suggestions for help for me?

  6. Eva Soto says:

    I am a single mom I have two boys one 12 and one 17 my 17 year old is disabled he doesn’t walk or talk he is in a wheelchair I am in desperate need of a car and have no money my car broke down almost a year ago and it has been a struggle trying to get him to his appointments that he need to go to its been so bad that class’s called because I could not take him to some of his appointments so please if some one can help me please I need a car….

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