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Fact is thousands of people across the nation want to start a small business but something holds them back from doing so. If you are a single mother planning to embark on this venture, need for support will be all the more crucial. As a single mother, how can a business be started with anxiety in mind, let alone running it and making it. One option that could counter the barriers single moms face is support from the outside. Indeed, getting support from the outside is easier said than done. But that will not be the case if you are determined to start and excel in your business. Read on to know more about what we are talking about.

One of the barriers to starting a business happens to be lack of expert counsel. A significant number of those not going ahead with their ideas will take a step further if they receive counsel and support from an expert. But where can one find such an opportunity? Brace yourself for a surprise. You can receive advice by means of SCORE – a non-profit organization. The hundreds of mentors who volunteer are the brains behind the implementation of this service.

Help is a call away:

What is SCORE?

SCORE , as their tag line “counselors to America’s small business” reads, is a non-profit association that is aimed at providing free counsel to the entrepreneurs, not just with getting started but also with expanding their businesses. This is a great opportunity, considering there are over 13000 volunteers ready to help with your needs. You get started by visiting the web site and searching for an expert volunteer who has experience with the kind of venture you want to start. If you receive information on multiple volunteers, you can pick one of them using your discretion. After choosing a mentor, you can get assistance by means of e-mail exchanges or a meeting in person at any of the local SCORE offices. Apart from meeting in person and e-mail communication, you can also choose to join the newsletter and the online workshops.

Meeting in person:

If you would like to meet the volunteer in person, visit the page below to find a SCORE office near you:

Need a dose of inspiration?

Having said all these, it is you who has to take every step forward. Not everyone reading our article here might realize how SCORE mentors could support their efforts. That is exactly why we urge you to read their section on success stories. Search for that particular section in the official web site if you are unsure of how mentors could possibly help your business.

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