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Are there really scholarships without essays?

While almost every school scholarship might appear to ask for an essay from the student, truth is there are a few scholarships for which essays are not required. Although it takes time and effort to find such scholarship offers, it is certainly worth it since finding even a few of them could cover a good part of the college tuition.

A list of scholarships that do not need essays to be written:

1. Ron Brown Scholar Program – Open for all African-American high school seniors, Ron Brown Scholar Program offers scholarships to students who exhibit potential to contribute to the society. Those getting approved for the scholarship will receive an award of $10000 for each year of college. Note that students need to be attending an accredited school to make use of the award. Make note of the application deadlines and exact eligibility requirements by visiting this page –,

2. Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship – If you have ever searched for financial aid, you must have come across a few unusual scholarships. One such offer is the Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship. Only those meeting specific height requirements are eligible to apply for aid. Students are advised to keep track of newly introduced scholarships by subscribing to an online scholarship database such as fastweb,

3. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund – Scholarships without essays are not just available for high school seniors. Adults who are aiming to go back to school can also find financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships. Apart from the government financial aid, adults, especially women, can find organizations that aim to help with education expenses. Some organizations also help with living expenses while women are in school,

While the aforementioned scholarships are open for those in secondary education, Jeannette Rankin Scholarship is open only for women who are age 35 or older. Note that apart from one’s financial position, goals and challenges faced in the past are also considered as criteria for selection. Fore more details, check out the official web site –,

4. Scholarships are also offered by colleges and universities for adults who are getting back to school. One such scholarship is offered by University of Wisconsin. Aptly named the “Returning Adult Student Scholarship”, scholarships up to $5000 are awarded to students who demonstrate great financial need and have academic success behind them. As there are plenty more scholarships being given especially to the adult learners by colleges, readers are suggested to look for them online or get information through the financial aid office at schools,

5. REACH Scholarship – Another adult scholarship offered to anyone about to enter college. Applicants must be 25 years old to be eligible to apply

6. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship – Another opportunity for those searching for scholarships without essays. Only open to ┬áminority high school students, scholarship is awarded to those having academic success and demonstrating financial need.

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  1. Andrew M Davies says:

    i need a free scolarship in social sciences-Economic. I’m a Sierra Leonean. But i dont know the possibility for me to achive it.

  2. Thresa M Coles says:

    I need a free scolarship so i can go to college for early childhood education ilove kids so much that i watch my sisters and brothers.

  3. David Young Harry says:

    I am a Nigerian and need a free scholarship to study psychology but do not know how yo go about it. Please give me more details to go about it.

  4. Erica says:

    I need a free scholarship to study psychology. I love helping people.

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