Free Grants for single moms

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Are grants for single moms really available?

Yes. There are plenty of free grants being offered to single moms to help them with education, starting a small business or an emergency. Most of such opportunities can be found for single moms who are looking to go back to school. When compared to education grants, there are only a few grant offers open to those looking for business grants. You should take note that most of the grants are not made available specifically to the single moms. Grant application will be open to anyone who meets the requirements. But as a single mother, you might be given priority over others by some organizations, if not all. You can also find that there are plenty of women-focused organizations that offer grants to help single moms in particular. Finding such organizations does take time but rest assured it will only be a matter of days before you begin you very first grant application.

Single moms to school:

If you want to find financial aid for going back to school, start your search by applying through FAFSA. In addition to FAFSA, make use of the scholarship search web sites like the fastweb. As there are thousands of scholarship offers for students, it would be mind-boggling to go through each one of them and see if you are eligible to apply. In contrast, the scholarship search web sites will make the entire process easier and faster for you by informing you of scholarships that suit your profile.

Are there any grants for debt relief or living expenses?

If you have been looking for grants to relieve yourself of debt, you are certainly not going to find a legitimate grant. There are no such grants given away for those trying to deal with their debt. But there is definitely government aid out there to deal with other financial struggles. For instance, you can find assistance programs that help you with child care expenses, food, heating costs, living expenses and health insurance. By getting financial help through these programs, you will be spending less of your income towards everyday expenses. This could aid your efforts to save up money and use them towards the vicious debts. In order to apply for state financial assistance, visit local social services to obtain the application form. If you wish to know in advance which programs could help you, use screening tools provided by the official social services web sites of most states.

Personal grants:

Grants are not given away for personal use. But as stated earlier, if you have difficulty making ends meet, apply for financial assistance programs.

4 Responses

  1. Michelle Morris says:

    how can i find out about the grants that need to be written for debt relief?

  2. admin says:

    @ Michelle,
    There are no grants given by the government for debt relief.

  3. chantal almonacy says:

    I’m a sinlge trying to make ends meet pleas help I’m so hopeless

    • admin says:

      One option is to call 211 and get linked with the resources that could help you. It is free and would only take a few seconds before you get connected with the source of assistance. Another option is to get help through your local church.

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