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Help during emergency for single moms:

I have written a lot of articles in this web site talking about how single mothers can get assistance during emergency situations. Here is one other resource that certainly deserves a mention, for it helps families battle crisis and rise above unforeseen situations. The resource i am talking about is the “Crisis Nursery” which has helped hundreds of families with free childcare services and family support till date.

How they help:

Have you ever faced a situation wherein there was nobody to babysit your children no matter how hard you tried or you were not just able to afford the babysitter? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody offered to help you out with babysitting for a day or a night without expecting any fee from you? This is exactly what crisis nursery helps parents with. And in addition to emergency childcare, parents who want to achieve stability in their life but are failing to do so despite their repeated attempts can get assistance from one of the staff available in the nursery.

Other forms of assistance from them:

1.Get free clothing, diapers, formula and new toys for your child,

2.if you are completely lost trying to find a non-profit organization or a government agency which could possibly help you with the troubles in your life or insurmountable barriers towards self-sufficiency, all you need to do is contact crisis nursery and they will be able to give referrals to other resources in your area,

3.Sorting out the overwhelming hardships in your life with help from a family specialist.

Keep in mind that this is just a short list of the forms of assistance provided to families moving towards stability. If you are not sure whether they will help you with something and are hesitant to go over there, all you need to do is call them and a crisis advocate will give you more details. Get more info and their contact number in this page – phone

How else can a single parent fight emergencies:

1.Make use of the one-time TANF – one-time cash assistance of 1000 USD that will offered to those who meet the requirements set for the TANF for families,

2.Contact the local church – local churches offer tremendous amount of help to families who are stuck in their life and are desperately needing direction,

3.Needless to say, United Way and Salvation Army are excellent resources for any needy individual or family,

4.Contact the local Department of human services office in your area and inquire about the availability of crisis financial assistance. A few states are providing them and in case your state does, you do not want to miss it when you most need it.

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  1. ashley guzman says:

    im stuck between the ground and a rock ..i have many jobs offers but no baby sitter so i always end up having to quit or turn them down i have no family where i live and no help from from my babies father i live by myself and i really need something to work and very fast so i can provide for my daughter and myself im very young and strong but i feel like giving up at this point because i try and try and i feel like im not getting anywhere or the help i need please if u can help me i would sooo greatful.

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