It is a kind gesture to give free Christmas gifts for needy kids

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Poverty is prevalent in all parts of the world. It is hidden in some countries while it is made obvious in others. Everywhere one could see people living in poverty due to unemployment or very low to zero incomes. Isn’t it a kind gesture to give free Christmas gifts for needy kids like these? By giving kids free gifts you can cherish the moments of their smiling faces when they receive these gifts from total strangers. Of course not everyone would have a purse as big as their heart to provide hundreds of children free gifts at Christmas.

If you have a big heart and really want to make kids happy with free gifts you can try to approach places like the Salvation Army a Christian charitable institution that always receives toys, clothes and other items from rich and provide them to the poor and the needy. They work hard to make the poor happy by providing them with basic needs.

One can approach churches that are offering Christmas gifts directly or otherwise they prefer to work through genuine people who are interested in doing some social service. These church authorities have good contacts with the rich who give generous donations throughout the year for the needy elders and kids.

Besides these there are a lot of good will centers that can be approached, but of course to prove that you are working for a genuine cause you will have to show them your credentials before asking for free Christmas gifts for kids in and around your area. With a pure and caring heart you could help many poor kids who have nothing to make them happy.

Last of all, we all live and enjoy the warmth of family and friends. Why not take up a task during Christmas time to request these family members and your very close friends to make donations of whatever they have to offer as free Christmas gifts for needy kids. Surely they would be extremely pleased to part with their extras for two reasons, to make room for new ones while at the same time providing gifts for those who need them. Try this, it really works.

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  1. jessica hernandez says:

    im a mom of a two year old soon to be three in febuary 8
    i am currently unemployed an have no money for christmas toys
    i realy would love for my kid to have a good christmas this year
    but i have no way to do it on my self
    and would love some help it would be very appriciated
    thank you.

  2. tessie jims says:

    I could really use some help with my kids X-mas this year… God bless whomever helps us XOXO

  3. Keila Owensby says:

    I am a single mother with a 15 year old son.. Need help getting him some Christmas. Unemployed since March 2013, looking for work.. This have been the hardest Christmas season for us. Praying that God will see us through. Any and all donations will be a blessing to us.. Thanks..

  4. Victoria says:

    I am a single mother of four. We just moved to Georgia from florida i have no family here, and i’m a student with little income . My kids are boy/girl twins 10, girl 8, girl 6. If someone can help me, or point in right direction i would really appreciate it.

  5. angela brewer says:

    i am angela, and the mother of two boys. i have been through alot this year, inluding loss of a job due to my car not working anymore, also having to relocate from one state to another. i am a single parents, and raising my two boys on my own. one of my sons, christopher is four and recieves ssi. i have my own place, and pay my own bills every months. it is going to be a slim christmas this year. it is going to take everything i hjave to pay the bills, i really need help with my boys christmas this year.

  6. stephanie blanchard says:

    i have two boys who are soon to be 3 years and 3 months who i need help with christmas items. i am a single mother and need any help.. thank you and god bless

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