First-time single mothers can get support through NFP

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If you are about to become a first-time single mother, there might be plenty of questions lurking around in your mind right now. Questions of how you are going to go through with the pregnancy, how situations will be after delivery, how to make it with less of a support system and lot more. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t it be easier and helpful if a nurse visits your home and offers guidance and support to you? In case you wonder how that is possible, such a kind of support does exist, and is available at no cost for the first-time moms, courtesy the NFP.

What is NFP?

Nurse-Family Partnership -NFP – is a free program that aims to help first-time moms go through pregnancy comfortably and lay path for a better future for moms and their children. As for what specifically will be made available through the program, a trained nurse will visit as per schedule and would be giving free support from the early pregnancy until your child’s second birthday. You will be able to get assistance from the nurse with questions concerning prenatal care, diet during pregnancy, child health and the child’s overall development.

How to go about the enrollment?

Click the below link, choose your location in the map and you will be provided contact information where you can get additional instructions:

Want to know how moms have rated NFP?

You can read a couple of stories from mothers who have provided feedback on this program. Click here to read them.

You can also read how nurses have felt about giving such a service to women who were in great need of support during and after pregnancy.

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