Finding school scholarships for your homeschooled child – start early!

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One of the common questions that gets asked around by parents is whether their homeschooled kid can get to qualify for scholarships just as easily as those from the traditional schools. Considering the high costs associated with sending a kid to college and how many put it off just due to lack of funding, such apprehensions are understandable. A full ride to college with just scholarships and grants is every parent’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that sort of an award. But what we can tell you is that homeschooled kids will find more or less the same amount of scholarship opportunities that the other students coming out of private and public schools do. All you got to keep in mind while your kid is still being homeschooled is that there are specific criteria which when met, the award becomes almost a guarantee. If it eases your mind, we have read reports from happy parents speaking of how their homeschooled kid got a full ride with couple of scholarships and grants. Happens every year regardless of where the student got his education.

Need-based and Merit-based scholarships:

If your financial position is strong but not strong enough to cover the full tuition, be prepared to be rejected for a lot of scholarships that are need-based. Children belonging to families who are in a worse financial standing than you are will get priority and there are chances you will not receive the scholarship award despite meeting the criteria. This is clearly because of the fact that the scholarship amount is limited and those with the highest need will be given a hand first. Do not despair. Keep applying for both the need-based and merit-based scholarships. Encourage your child to participate in community activities as one of the criteria in a lot of college scholarships is exactly that.

Finding scholarships exclusively open to the homeschoolers:

Applying for scholarships that are open just for the homeschoolers would certainly mean higher chances of getting approved for the award. But the unfortunate fact is that there are not many,if any, scholarships targeting that particular demographic. It is better to begin your aid search early and research as much as possible to equip yourself with knowledge about a ton of scholarship opportunities. Some of these scholarships might even require an essay to be submitted which, as you know, will need quite an effort from you.


1. Encourage your kid to take the ACT and/or SAT test. Urge them to start preparations several months before they face the exam.

2. As a lot of schools keep these test scores in the list of criteria, you will be gaining a significant edge over others if you ace the test.

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