Financial help For Single Mothers In New Jersey

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Financial help can be obtained by single mothers in New Jersey by applying for various government assistance programs offered in the state. If you are struggling to make ends meet, these assistance programs can be a lifesaver, cutting down the burden of expenses. Assistance programs in NJ can help a single mother with free food items, rent, heating bills and housing, among others. Read on to know details about these programs:

Financial assistance for Single Moms in New Jersey:

1. Cash assistance in NJ:

Families with dependent children can apply for cash assistance at one of the local welfare offices. The assistance program is named “WorkFirst” in NJ, and is arguably the most helpful to needy families. When you are struggling to get back on track, and financial problems compound the issues, cash benefits will be of huge help. Note that the adult in the household needs to be attending job training, going to school or working in order to be eligible for receiving the benefits. Having this requirement in place ensures that beneficiaries of cash assistance are working towards rebuilding their finance and getting off welfare.

To apply, visit the welfare office and get an application form. Documents will also be required to be submitted along with completely filled application.

Assistance for individuals and families with no dependent children:

Not all states provide cash benefits to families with no dependent children. New Jersey is one of just a few states that offers cash assistance to individuals. If you are an individual looking for this welfare benefit, inquire about the “general assistance” program in a welfare agency nearby. For more information on the same, read the page here

2. Not able to afford child care? Get child care assistance:

If you are not able to afford quality child care service for your children, finding or keeping work can be hard. Fortunately, you can make use of child care assistance offered in NJ to overcome this hurdle. Those needing financial help with daycare expenses will be offered assistance with a large part of the same. Rest of the daycare payment which does not get covered by assistance has to be made by you as a co-payment to the childcare provider. Note that apart from the daycare centers, family daycare homes can also participate in this program. You can choose from a range of daycare providers by yourself or get assistance from the “childcare resource and referral” agency to choose one.

To apply for subsidy, contact the nearest childcare resource and referral agency. Contact details are given here

3. Getting free food items from retailers:

If you are finding it hard to buy nutritious food for you and your kids, make use of the food assistance program. EBT cards are now given instead of the food stamps, and it can be used to buy food at participating stores. Previously called the food stamps, the program is now referred to as the “SNAP”. The card approved families receive will work just like a debit card, and the welfare benefits will be credited to the account. As for the requirements to get qualified, keep in mind that the following factors come into play – income,family size and assets. You can apply for food assistance at the welfare agency, along with handing over applications for other forms of assistance. If you need emergency food assistance, look for non profit organizations locally as it will take a few weeks before you receive the EBT card.

To know if you will be eligible to participate, make use of this online tool.

4. Affordable health insurance for you and your children:

If you have not been able to qualify for Medicaid, you can make use of the NJ FamilyCare program that aims to provide affordable health coverage for parents and children. Monthly premiums will be much affordable and you will also be able to get good coverage for you and your family. To know the exact income requirements and the program cost, refer to the chart – chart link

5. Rental assistance:

If you are finding it difficult to pay the rent, get help through the section 8 housing voucher program. Section 8 helps with paying part of the rent while the rest has to be funded by yourself. The amount of rental assistance you get offered by the housing agency – which administers this program – will depend on the family size and income. Another way to get safe housing is to resort to public housing. To apply for these programs, visit the local public housing agency in your area.

Local PHAs contact information

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  1. Sunshine Pearn says:

    I am a single mother with 2 children living in Middlesex County NJ. I recently lost my part time job and I am struggling to pay all of my bills. I just received a notice of eviction and am looking for help

  2. traci says:

    I am a single mom of a special needs child, we must rely on our friends and family for shelter, I do not understand I have 2 homes by my friends that have been vacent for 4 years. We can not even get our feet in the door. I feel that race is a big issue here and some low paying jobs are also, for I do work part time and I am willing to put down a little something. Looking for someone to help me find a low income place and not having to move this child again . I hate having to sleep in a car with her over the winter , but what can we do we need to sleep.

  3. sandra padron says:

    im a single mother i dont get help from my bby dad he dont pay child support and i need help to get an apartment with my kid pls help me out to get an apartment …

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi my name is jennifer.I am married to marine who got injured in Afghanistan..he developed a really bad Ptsd n became very abusive and controlling.he tried killing himself and got sent to Texas.I am a legal resident in new Jersey but I am in NC because of his duty station. I had my daughter here.someone is going to help me get back home but I don’t have a clue on where to start.My family has financial problem so they cnt help me and I am getting separated so I don’t know what ill be able to afford.I have no job and just graduated high. School last year.I have a week to get out of the house and I am very concerned due to the fact that I don’t have anything.please u need some advice or help.

  5. Sabrina says:

    I am a single mom of one and I need to find assistance to find housing and a car to bring my son his appointments and find a job. I am currently going to school online and don’t have an income . I would like to have a place to live for me and my son. I currently don’t have now where to go. Please help me and my son. I don’t want me and my son living in a shelter. I collect food stamps and Medicaid .

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