Financial help for Single mothers in Louisiana

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Help is provided to single mothers in Louisiana[LA] through various state assistance programs. These programs are aimed at helping needy low income families through cash assistance, food stamps, child care assistance, affordable health care and more. For brief introduction to each program and application process in LA, read the following:

1. Cash assistance – Family independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP):

As the name of the assistance program indicates, cash assistance is given temporarily for low income families so that it helps with paving the way for self-sufficiency. If you are currently seeking employment, this program could also help by means of vocational education or job training. Inquire about the same with the case worker on your visit to the social services office. In order to be eligible for benefits, a family has to meet both the income and asset limits.

You can apply online or choose to mail the application form to the local OFS [Office of Family Support]. Application forms can be downloaded through this link . If you prefer applying from the comfort of your home, choose the online application here – link

2. SNAP[the food stamps program]:

Food assistance has been offered since decades ago to families who are unable to afford nutritious food. Earlier called the “food stamps”, the program has been rechristened as SNAP to emphasize the importance of nutrition to children and adults alike. If you get approved for food stamps, you will be receiving a SNAP card which can be used to buy food products at local retail outlets. Remember that income limit is not the sole requirement that has to be met.You will also have to meet the asset/resource limits to be eligible for welfare benefits.

3. Child care assistance through CCAP:

CCAP is the program facilitating assistance for families who need help with paying for the childcare expenses. The benefits amount that you would be eligible for would depend entirely on the child care provider cost, family size and the household income. The application form can be downloaded online from here and then mailed to the economic stability office. Note that while you mail the application, documentation for verification of submitted information must be sent along.

4. LaCHIP health care – for uninsured kids up to age 19:

LaCHIP is the health insurance program provided to uninsured children of families who could not get approved for Medicaid. The program offers no-cost or low cost health insurance for eligible households. Needless to say, low income families will be able to get insurance with free premiums for their kids while the moderate income families would have to pay affordable premiums. For details on income requirements and for application, go here

5. Section 8 in Louisiana:

If you are not able to find an apartment that suits your budget, you can instead get financial assistance through the housing choice voucher program and choose a sanitary housing. Rental assistance will not be handed over to you directly but instead would be given to the landlord every month. Note that to receive rent assistance, apart from meeting the income requirements of section 8, eligible applicant must also have to choose a housing that fits the housing standards set by the HUD. After the local housing agency inspects the house you choose and gives the nod, it will be followed by approval for monthly benefits. Contact housing agency to get started today – here

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  1. Natasha Miller says:

    If I am a single mom and making $1,400 per month and have 2 children that live with me %50 of the time – can I qualify for any assistance and if so, what kind of assistance? Please let me know.
    Thank you so much!
    Natasha Miller

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