Financial help for single mothers in Colorado

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Financial assistance in CO:

Single mothers and needy families can get approved for various welfare benefits if they meet the requirements of state assistance programs. In Colorado, assistance is available for child care expenses, living expenses, health insurance, food and lot more. This article gives pointers on how to go about applying and getting approved for the same. If you would like to visit the concerned authority in person and get to know information on welfare or apply right away, visit the county services office today – Find location

1. Cash assistance in the state of CO:

Pregnant women and families with dependent children are eligible to receive cash assistance benefits through the TANF program. This program is called the “Colorado works” in this state, and there are income requirements to get approved for the same.  For details and application form, you must contact the local DHS office in your county. Contact details of the nearest office in your county are available in this map:link [click on the county you live and you will be presented contact information]

2. Child care assistance:

Those who are receiving benefits through the “Colorado works” can also get approved for child care assistance. Note that this is not just limited to people receiving cash benefits. Families who are not approved for TANF can also get child care assistance if they meet guidelines. As assistance is offered in the form of subsidy, a small co-payment will be required out of your pocket towards the daycare expenditure. The payment amount you will have to make each month will depend on household income as well as the family size. For application and other information, refer to this link:page

3. Food assistance:

Struggling families, on their way towards self-sufficiency, can get food assistance through the food stamps program. Years ago, the food stamp coupons were given to the approved applicants, but now they have all been replaced by the EBT cards. If you get approved for food assistance, this particular card will be sent to you which can then be used at local stores to procure food items for your family. The government assistance programs discussed so far ensure that families meet the basic needs each and every month until they reach financial independence. Any family needing help with living expenses are urged to apply for all the welfare benefits and receive state assistance. To apply now, visit:link

4. Affording health insurance in CO:

Were you not able to qualify for Medicaid due to a high household income. But at the same time, are you finding it too hard to afford the premiums of a private health insurance? Many families find themselves in such a position after getting turned down for Medicaid. Thankfully, the government offers CHP+ program in Colorado which aims to provide low cost and quality health coverage for uninsured kids.

5. Rental assistance program – funded by the HUD:

Rental assistance is referred to as the “housing choice voucher” program and provides assistance with paying rent. As part of the program, the eligible applicant is allowed to choose any safe house from the private market and then intimate the housing agency about the same. This will be followed by an inspection from the housing inspector to see if the housing is considered safe and quality by HUD standards. Once passed, further process will continue and you will be offered rental assistance. The amount of rental assistance will be tailored to your income and would be directly given to the landlord every month. Even though you are required to pay part of the rent, keep in mind that it will definitely be affordable to you as it is not going to cross 30% of your monthly income. Consequently, the financial strain on your family would be a lot less and the circumstances would get more conducive for growth.

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