Weathering a financial crisis with the help of robust support system

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When talking about financial crisis in the life of a single mother, “ bad financial decisions”, “ shopping spree ” and “ living without a proper budget ” might come to mind. But the truth is that not everyone going through or about to face a financial crisis have reached that position because of such reasons. In truth, many of them have to face such a hurdle because of reasons other than aforementioned ones. Some of those reasons include but not limited to having minimum wage jobs or losing a job. Whatever the reason is for being in this stressful position in your life, remember that you will get through it and see better days. You know very well that it is just a matter of time before the fog clears up letting the dark out. But the question is how can a single mom best handle such a crisis with as little stress as possible? The answer is support system.

Friends, fellow single moms, parents, siblings and colleagues:

A support system does not necessarily have to be your parents or siblings. Of course, it would be no surprise your parents would want to help you out with whatever is bugging you. But sometimes, you could feel you do not want to implant a concern about yourselves in the minds of your parents and that might keep you away from reaching out for help. During such times, it would be better if you had a support system that also depended on others such as your colleagues or fellow single moms. Networking with other single moms in your local area would not be a hard thing to do at all considering the social media reach people of our generation seem to be floating in lately. What you need to do is premeditate and build a strong support system that you can later lean on if a crisis hits you. Being off guard and facing a crisis would be no easy challenge for anyone. Even a two-parent household would find such a time stressful and out of their control. The importance of having support has to be realized much earlier in your life as a single parent and work has to be done towards developing the same. A crisis position could even cause you to take measures that you normally would not and cause more twists over time. For example, taking out a cash advance in the hopes of putting an end to the difficulties could lead to more debt that might seem insurmountable no matter what.

Does the government offer crisis assistance?

This is one question frequently asked by people in crisis. And the answer is yes. There is assistance available that targets this very predicament thousands of people face each day. It is called the “one-time TANF”. This will be useful for anyone who needs immediate financial assistance. We suggest readers to check out their local DSS official web site to get more information on the income and the resource limits that needs to be met in order to become eligible for this program. A visit to the local office would also help you get clear information on the same.

Local churches:

Needless to say, whatever your predicament is, do not forget that the local churches can help you out with either direct assistance or referring you to the relevant resources.

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