Financial concerns for single moms

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Single moms face an especially challenging time with finances. Adding in the current economic environment and it came seem almost impossible to most moms. But there is hope. Moms must remember that for every problem, there is a SOLUTION. Making the mistake of thinking things will never get better can also lead to many physical and emotional problems for moms.

So, what is this “Hope” I am referring to? Well, it is what got me through tough financial times when I was a young divorced mom. I had no financial help and two young girls, ages 2 and 6 months at the time my marriage ended. I was receiving about $600 a month and my rent was $425. This did not leave much for other necessities. I can personally attest to finding ways to budget and still provide for my children. I found many resources, everything from shopping at goodwill to going to the local food bank in my city to find help for our family. I was also able to seek help from my church by visiting their food pantry.

The other hope moms can find peace in is changing their view and seeing this as an opportunity to teach their children about finances. The current economic climate is actually in excellent teachable moment for children, young and old. Many parents make the mistake of thinking: “My child is too young to understand”. Emphasize that the situation is temporary and not permanent.

Below are some helpful ideas along with positive thinking about your individual situation.

· Take your children to free events. Many museums offer certain days of the month where admittance is free.

· Read to your children. You can go to Barnes and Noble and find many reduced or clearance priced books that your children will love.

· Rent movies from the library. Instead of paying for a movie, choose the library. Many libraries carry children and adult movies available for check out.

· Stay positive!! Don’t “mope” around lamenting that you can’t buy your child the latest PS3 or a Mac computer.

  • Give your children lots of hugs and lots of smiles! They take their cues from you and your attitude

Another item to consider is legislation that helps single parents. The is one bill I know of currently in the House of Ways and Means, that can be a huge help to single parents. It’s called the Single Parent Protection Act of 2009. Although the bill has not passed, I am currently lobbying my local and state representatives about this topic. Please look for more details on this bill in my future articles.


I like to remind my readers of Dr. Ben Carson. He came from a single parent home. Many statistics indicate children from single parent homes are more likely to struggle than others. However, Dr. Carson succeeded beyond imagination by becoming the youngest Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital at age 33. He is also the only African American to have held this position. You can read more about Dr. Carson’s struggles and successes on his Scholars Website. It is also an opportunity to learn more about Carson Scholarships when it comes time for your child or children to attend college.

Never give up! There is always a ways to make ends meet, it’s just a matter of finding those diamonds in the rough that will get you through the hard times.

Article Written by Mrs. Jarman
Although recently married, Mrs. Jarman spent 17 years as single parent. She is the proud mother of two adult daughters. Mrs. Jarman was a classroom teacher in public schools and currently works in accounting and finance. She is a twice published author and weekly contributor for articles pertaining to single parents and families.

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