Financial Assistance for Single Mothers

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Finding financial assistance for single mothers, apart from what the government offers, may not be that easy. Your best bet to find financial assistance will be to look for non profit organizations with an aim to empower low income women. Some foundations aim to do so by offering education grants while many others provide job training. There are even organizations that provide attire for people who are about to face an interview. Having said that, finding the resource which provides what you need the most at this point in your life will be a bit hard. In addition to the long search process, one has to remember that the money allocated for assistance will also be limited, and the grant award might be unavailable for those applying later than most applicants.

Types of financial assistance

Grants – there is no need for you as a single mother to pay back the money granted. Thus, this is much more beneficial than loans, which require payments. Grants, however, will be given only to single mothers who need it the most and to those meeting the guidelines.  As competition tends to be vast for every type of grant out there, it is better to start working on them much sooner than the application deadline to gain an edge over others. If the grant-provider requires an essay or a proposal to be submitted along with the application, work on perfecting your proposal and go over it multiple times.

There are also several foundations which offer financial assistance for single mothers. These foundations have helped many people, especially the single mothers who really deserve to be their beneficiaries. Other foundations help single mothers get out of their rude and abusive relationships. Narrow down your search by the foundations’ goals in order to make your search efficient.

Helping moms aiming for a degree by means of scholarships – Getting an education is one of the best investments anyone can make in their lifetime. While several grants help women about to start a business or help with living expenses, there are plenty of organizations that aim to help women who are about to go back to school. Numerous aid opportunities are available through foundations, non profit organizations, colleges, and even for-profit businesses. Apart from applying for scholarships open to students nationwide, single mothers are advised to look for financial aid open to only the residents in their locality or county.  As can be imagined, this will significantly narrow down the competition. Applying to every aid offer out there will inevitably wear you down. Or worse yet, the exasperation will cause you to quit applying for aid and look for student loans. Ensure that you, as a single mother, do not miss out on free money offered by organizations across the country. Start you search for aid by looking at what the colleges you have in mind are offering. Some colleges have decided to provide an incentive to single mothers considering school and have come forward with daycare and tuition assistance. Make the most of such institutions to get through school debt-free.

Financial assistance through church:

Churches always do their best in offering or finding help for those reaching out to them. If you have failed at finding assistance elsewhere, visit the local churches and see if you can find help. Churches are known for helping out people in crisis and families seeking help with rent or bills.

Assistance through subsidized Daycare – Unlike the grants, you will not receive cash assistance through the subsidized childcare offered by a few organizations and colleges aiming to help single mothers. Even if the grant-seeker is not offered a money award, these organizations help a lot of families to cut down the growing cost of childcare and in turn create opportunities for single moms to save money. These noble activities to help the needy families is no less laudable than those offering money assistance. Look for such organizations in your area, and register today to avail yourself of most affordable and quality daycare services.

Assistance through Job training:

Job training and placement services are underrated by many looking to better their financial position. While these may not appear as attractive as cash assistance, they are no doubt one of the sure-fire ways to alter your path and march towards a brighter future. The government emphasizes welfare-to-work program for families facing financial strain in their lives. Adults on welfare who need assistance with gaining employment will either be offered the same or will be given preparation for employment through vocational training. Apart from vocational training, educational opportunities are also available for unemployed adults on welfare programs. We urge anyone having hardships with finding work to make the most of these services offered by the state government to the needy.

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  1. Angela F Kearns says:

    I need financial housing help please.

  2. JOVIE F. CUENCA says:

    Dear sir/madam:
    Good Day.
    I am Jovie F. Cuenca 31 yrs old Filipina and a single mother. i really need badly financial assistance for our daily needs but i would be glad if you ‘re good office could grant my child a scholarship until she will fished college. I don’t have my own house we just leaving with my brother house. My income is not enough for our daily needs so i had make an action for my child to have a better future in order for her not to be like me. I was hoping that you could find me a person who will sponsor or give scholarship grant for my daughter. I hope you would find a time for my interest . thank you and god bless.

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