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Why Parents Need to Thresh Out Visitation Issues
Some married women withhold the visitation rights of their kids’ legitimate fathers and poor dads who aren’t aware of what the law allows (much less afford a lawyer) sometimes leave it at that. A father’s visitation rights is established by the court. In some cases, an arrangement is drawn up by parents of the child, which is then acknowledged in court. Visitation is given to parent who has not been granted full custody of the child. In a sense, it is the court’s way of ensuring that the child is not deprived the attention of a parent.  However, if that parent has shown evidence of being neglectful or engaging in damaging (both to the parent and the child) behavior like substance use, the court may weigh the pros and cons and may just grant supervised visits by the concerned parent. It’s a ticklish issue, considering that no person is perfect, and some imperfections have nothing to do with being a good parent.

Nonetheless, the court serves as balancing pole (even if in some cases it would look like a parent is at the mercy of the court) and may strive to ascertain that children are not inflicted greater pain and confusion by a neglectful parent. Some dads may sometimes fight it out in court but when they emerge victorious and are granted father’s visitation rights, may end up with missed visits, which can be harmful to the child’s emotional well-being. In some cases, the mother may be spiteful of her ex-husband or scheming such that she uses the father’s visitation rights  (notwithstanding court order) as leverage to get the terms (or attention) she wants from her child’s dad.

Fathers who want to know about their visitation rights after divorce or would want to clear out issues need not actually spend a fortune on endless court proceedings. There are mature, divorced couples who simply look at the best interest of their kids and comply with what the court may decide. What’s important is that the child caught in the middle is able to sense that the love for him/her by both parents – though they may not agree nor stay together anymore – remains unchanged.

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