EDUCATION – A single mom’s best friend

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Education, you need it if you want a good job and a sustaining career. Along with those key elements, you also want to be able to take care of your children. Regardless of whether you receive child support or not, being able to support yourself and your children will be one key to a successful life. I spent almost seven years in college at various points in my life. I worked on a certificate in accounting before moving onto a double major at University of Phoenix, where I received a B.S. in Management and Administration. From there I moved on to obtain my teaching degree and finally a Masters of Education from National University. Many of my classes occurred on campus, but a new trend, online classes encompassed many of Master’s degree classes. I accomplished all of this as a single mom. So, I know from first hand experience the challenges and successes of going to college. Now, that you may be feeling more inspired, how do you get there and what classroom environment is best for you?

Online Education

Online classes are very similar to classroom education. Some people still frown on the online “degree.” But as society moves further into the social networking and online life, it is becoming more acceptable to obtain degrees online, as long as they are from an Accredited University. Before beginning, make sure the college you choose is an accredited school. Another benefit is that with online classes, you don’t need a baby-sitter, you can find a quiet place in your home to focus on your classes “online”.

Traditional Classroom

These classes occur on campus. They can be very helpful socially and can also offer a unique experience depending on the quality of the professor. If the professor does more than just lecture and has an “interactive classroom”, that experience will be invaluable. However, these classes tend to be very full at state colleges, which are more affordable, along with no options for child care.


Your education improves your chances of getting a job. Having some variety or more education makes you even more marketable. Even after I spent seven years in college, I am currently considering going back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in Accountancy. This degree with allow me to sit for the CPA exam and also makes me increasingly more marketable.

Benefits to your children

Your children follow what they see…imagine your children seeing their hard working mom also going to school? As with most parents, you want your children to have a better life than you did. Well, don’t just tell them, SHOW them. Another good decision is to involve your children in your school work. For example, if you have a class where you need to make a presentation, practice in front of your kids. This will help you but more importantly it will communicate to your children that education is important and vital in your life’s success!

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