Dealing With a Child With ADHD

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Children can make life fun, but they can make it very overwhelming as well. Some of the common issues that children have today can make learning how to parent them and to deal with them very stressful, but by learning more about their condition, you can increase your confidence with dealing with them and parenting them. Dealing with a child with ADHD can strain your patience, but it does not mean the end of the world for your child to be diagnosed.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common disorders that children are diagnosed with these days. This is marked by a child not being able to focus and can cause behavioral issues that are difficult for parents and for teachers to deal with. While medication can be helpful to give children the ability to focus, it may not be the end all to helping them to deal with their condition.

Understanding more about what can exacerbate your child’s condition can make a big difference in how well they are able to deal with their condition and how they behave. The foods that they eat can be one way for you to help them with their ADHD. You will want to stay away from sugary foods, processed foods, fried foods and other junk foods. Many children with ADHD suffer from food allergies and by giving them the freshest foods possible, you can decrease the foods that may cause their disorder to worsen.

Exercise can make anyone feel better and more able to deal with their condition and this is especially true with an attention disorder or hyperactivity disorder. By giving your child with ADHD enough exercise, you can help them to use up more of their energy. This can go a long way to helping them to sleep better and to be able to focus better. Let them run and play. It can give them the outlet for their energy that they need to live their life to the fullest.

Be careful with discipline. While you will certainly have some times when you feel as if they need to be disciplined, you want to be careful with the discipline that you mete out. Some of their behaviors are just largely due to their condition and scolding or punishing them will not help in any way and, in fact, can make them worse. You want to find ways to teach them about their actions, rather than punishing them for things that they may not have even control over.

Having a child with ADHD is not the end of the world. By giving them tools to deal with their ADHD and helping to keep their symptoms to a minimum, you can better aid them in living their life with their ADHD and help them in school and at home. Understanding more about this disorder and how to deal with your child will allow you to take some of the stress out of parenting and give them the support that they need to grow into an independent adult.

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  1. Toni says:

    I have a situation that is not listed on your support groups. I am dating a single man who has a son who has ADHD. His mom died of cancer when he was just 5years old. He has a HMO which makes getting his son seen by a specialist ten times harder than it would be if he had a regular healthcare provider. He is in the military and has depended on his mother and father to provide for his son while he has been on deployment. Now that he is home and realizes the severity of the situation we have been fighting to get him seen but needed a reference from the pediatric doctor. We finally had the referral request sent in but the hospital that I work in down the street was not in the HMO network. We live in New Jersey and the Hospital that I work in has a very good program for him, unfortunately the HMOs computer system kicked out our request and gave is a provider in E. Bronx New York that was out of our way. We had to resubmit the request which put us in danger of losing our orginal appointment which we are on a waiting list for in June. This child is now 11 and the grandparents have not done anything to assist this child because of denial. What can be done. It is unfortunate because the building we live in has a pediatric neurologist but I dont not have custody of him so I can not use my insurance for him. I only have POA. Just to be seen is 5000. Please let me know what can be done. Thank you

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