Dating Advice for Widows

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Losing your spouse can be very difficult. After some time of grieving, you may find yourself wanting to find someone else to share your life with. Dating is not something that most people think that they will ever have to do again when they walk down the aisle and get married, but if you are widowed, you often find yourself in that same situation. Dating can be scary, especially if you have been out of the dating world for a number of years, but by following this dating advice for widows, you can be more confident about dating again.

Give yourself time.

Even if you are very lonely, you want to give yourself time to grieve for your husband. It doesn’t matter if your husband died after a long illness or all of a sudden, you want to take the time to work through your grief.

Be open to creating a new life.

While you may feel as if your life ended when your husband died, you need to realize that you have the rest of your life to live and you need to find a new normal for you. This may mean opening yourself up to a new relationship.

Start with friendship.

You want to start any relationship as friends. Get to know this person without the stress of dating for a bit. Talking on the phone, texting, and emailing are great ways to get to know someone without going out on a full-fledged date. After you feel comfortable with just being friends, then you are ready to go out to coffee and progress to a dinner, etc.

Take it slow.

Don’t rush into marriage. Enjoy the courting and dating process to ensure that you are ready to commit yourself to someone else. Take your time before you move into the intimate, physical part of the relationship as well. If you are still comparing them to your spouse, then it is best that you give yourself a little more time.

Have healthy expectations.

Don’t expect to find someone who is a twin or the same as your lost spouse. Don’t put this type of expectations on them or you may end up hurting yourself or hurting them. A healthy relationship means that you get to know them as how they are, rather than trying to make them into someone else.

Stay away from the guilt.

While it may feel as if you are betraying your spouse, you want to refrain from falling into the guilt trap. Your spouse would want you to live your life happy and this includes creating a new life for yourself. Try to remember that when you are beginning to date, so that you can be open to the experience and to new love.

If you have lost your spouse, you want to remember that your life is going to go on. While it may not feel as if you have a future, your spouse would want you to be happy and to enjoy life without him. This may mean that you begin dating and perhaps even get married again. By following the above advice, you will be able to create that new life and cultivate a new normal for you. Life is meant to be lived and this is true even after you have lost a spouse.

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