Data Entry Jobs for single moms

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There are a lot of data entry jobs for single moms and for everyone else who would like to make a full time income or just do as a part time job to make extra income on the side. But we have to warn you beforehand that these job offers are floating all over the Internet amidst a lot of scams. Separating the good apples from the bad apples, fortunately, is not a tough task. One sign that screams “SCAM” is when a website needs a fee in advance to connect you with job offers. We hasten to add that not all sites that ask for a fee are scams. There are some “real” websites that do require a fee to be paid before the user can get information pertaining to what he seeks. Before you sign up for any site, a simple online search for reading feedback from other site members is recommended. Your discretion and a thorough search before any action on your part would save you from falling for scams.

Where to find them?

1. The freelancer web sites are a huge resource for anybody who wants to make money off of the data entry jobs without investing a single dime. You will be sending your quote for doing the needed work as asked by job poster in the site. Usually, one’s quote will be in contention with at least a few other job seekers. Apart from sending a quote that you deem fair, make sure to send a message to the job poster. This message could be used for briefly explaining why you think you are the best fit for the job. Such a message could go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd. It cannot be said it always helps, but doing a little more than others to get the job would never put you in a negative light. Here is a short list of freelance web sites where signing up is absolutely free:

2. Try your luck in the webmaster forums:

Google “webmaster forums” and look at the job section in every site that comes up. Many jobs get posted almost everyday in at least the high traffic sites. This can get you started:DP jobs

What does a data entry job entail:

Instead of explaining to you what it is, we would like you to go where employers have listed the jobs:Link. Going over the aforementioned page would have given you an idea of what you will be needed to do once your bid gets chosen by the job poster.

How high will the wage be?

Most data entry workers get a wage of 10 to 20 dollars per hour. But be informed that in many sites the job posters would favor a worker who shows good feedback and also provides a low quote. Of course, that might be a little frustrating for those of you who are trying to get a little more out of hours you spend before the computer. On the bright side, starting to do jobs at cheapest prices at first could put you on the right track by getting you new and repeat customers.

What other jobs can i do to make a little extra money:

We have covered this topic in detail here:legitimate jobs from home.

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