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May is known across the Nation as “Prom month” for most high schools. When thinking of prom, we immediately have visions of beautiful dresses, corsages, tuxedos, music and the time of our lives! For our children, especially teenage girls…this is the feather in the cap of their senior year in high school. However, for single moms, the cost of prom may be a source of huge anxiety. Some moms may automatically assume their daughter cannot attend due to the high cost of dresses, shoes and accessories. I admit, when my oldest daughter wanted to go to prom, I thought, “There is no way I can afford this.” Then, I decided not to let that negative thought stop me from making sure my daughter felt special and beautiful and to attend her high school prom.

I first heard of an event called “Prom” through my church. This program was made possible thanks to generous donations by hundreds of women. These selfless women donated gently used and in many cases, brand new dresses. These dresses were elegant, beautiful and very expensive. There were also shoes, shawls and other accessories available to make for a beautiful prom experience. Everything was free and the most rewarding part of this event was witnessing the wonderful smile on my daughter’s beautiful face, knowing now she could go to prom despite coming from a single parent home with limited financial resources.

So, now that we know it is possible, where do we go for resources? First, complete research on internet search engines. Try the following key phrases and substitute your city/county for the best results:

· prom dresses + free + San Diego

· prom dress giveaway events + Portland

· church + prom dress giveaway events

Next, decide what budget, if any, you have for your child’s prom. You may agree to pay for shoes while your daughter is able to receive her dress and all accessories free. Once you have decided whether or not you can invest financially and where your daughter will obtain her dress, remind yourself to not feel guilty for seeking help. There are thousands of young women who are helped every year come prom time. Through the kindness of strangers, a night of magic can be made possible for your daughter. Remember, there is no shame in accepting the kindness of others.

Please click on the links below for your city or complete your own search online.

Church help

Help by state

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