Colleges with Family Housing for Single Moms

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Choosing to go back to school is a major decision—one that becomes even more complicated when you are a single mother. Many single moms do not think there is any way they can go back to college, but there are a number of programs that can make this dream a reality, even if you are a single mom.

Family Residential Programs

One of the options available is a family residential program, which is a great choice because it allows single moms with their children to live in campus housing and attend college classes at the school. These programs also typically offer childcare, which makes it very easy for single moms to go back and get their degree.

These residential programs typically have a number of requirements, which vary by school. Age requirements may be one question, while another may be the number of options available for childcare. These programs may also provide an on-campus eating program for the students’ children, which is a great way to make sure that your children are getting a healthy meal.

The biggest issue with family residential programs is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough space in them. If you’re looking into one of these programs, don’t wait to enroll because that opening will likely not be there later. Many college administrators wish they had up to 10 times as many spots in these programs because the demand for them is so high.

On-campus Housing Only

In some cases, an entire family residential program might not be available, but there may be openings for on-campus family housing. This type of housing makes it very easy for moms to get to and from classes quickly because they are living right on campus. Also if they qualify for financial aid for college, that aid will pay for all or some of the housing. Usually utilities are also included in on-campus housing, so this is another way for schools to make a college education affordable for single mothers.

Family housing for moms in college typically provide not only a great atmosphere for the mother to learn, but also opportunities for her children in the form of playgroups and other support systems. If daycare is not offered on campus, typically there will be some facilities nearby that work with the college to provide these services to single mothers. Often there are some parenting skills courses offered as well. Single mothers can also choose to do blended degree programs and take some of their classes online.

Examples of Schools with Family Housing

Not all schools offer family housing, but the number of schools that do is growing each year as administrators see the need. The best way to find out which schools offer family housing is to call ahead or check out the school’s website. A few schools that do offer family housing or other residential programs for single parents include the University of Alabama, Illinois State University, and Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

No matter what your situation is, it’s never too late to go back to college. No single mother should ever think that she can’t improve her education. There is always a way, and checking out colleges with family housing is the perfect answer to this problem. With financial aid, it can even provide a place to live that’s paid for while also making it possible to get an education.

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