Choosing a college major in order to raise work from home prospects

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If you are a single mom who wants to go back to school, get a degree and work from home, choosing your college major will be the most important decision you will be making in the coming days. Having said that, you need to keep in mind it is better to brush aside the reports about online scams. The scams are indeed there in the Internet claiming they will find you work from home opportunities for a small fee. But what you have to realize is that your college degree will be preparing you by infusing the necessary skills in you. You will later be using these skills and build your own home-based business from scratch. This article will be giving you a few ideas about the same but there are a lot more to be found if you research more.

A major in Graphic Design:

For anyone who is interested in working from home, this college major is highly recommended. There are a ton of opportunities in the Internet that demand graphic design skills. Of course, you cannot expect to get work right from day one. But what you can do is provide an incentive to the buyer so that he prefers your services to others. An example for such an incentive will be a lower price or multiple revisions of the project, if needed. Once you build a positive reputation for yourself, you will find that opportunities will keep on coming your way without you having to look for them. Making a comfortable full-time income would be very easy once you cross the point where you accumulate reputation and positive feedback from your customers. Once the business gets established, you will find that the customers, especially local, are able to find you quite easily and that a ton of referrals are generated by past customers who got what they needed from you.

In order to get an idea about the kind of jobs people with graphic design can take on, look for the graphic design section in freelance sites such and

Web Design Bachelors Degree:

A Bachelors degree in web design would prepare you, as you can imagine, to take on work from home jobs that demand skills needed for developing aesthetic and functional web designs. Web designing is one of the high-paying jobs that you can find today out in the world and there are no signs of this getting decreased in the coming years. Developing a knack for building web sites tailored to what the client needs will give you an edge over others and get you freelance jobs without much effort on your part.

See what the Demand is:

If you want a clear idea about which skills are highly demanded by businesses requiring online workers, we suggest that you take a look at the online employment report published by You can find it right here – link

Some Observations:

1. You can find from the above report that creative jobs are not the only opportunities available online for freelancers. In fact, a lot of other opportunities that do not come under the category of “ creative services ” have been listed in the report as well,

2. A college degree is not required to excel in many of the jobs listed in the report. But a degree does offer a lot in many cases that preparing by yourself will not get you. Use your discretion to choose a major that can get you freelance jobs and also make a consistent income every month.

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