Cities with the Cheapest Rent in the United States

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If you are struggling to make ends meet, one way that you can cut down on your bills is by finding housing that is affordable. No one wants to spend their entire paycheck on rent or their mortgage, right? The nice thing about finding affordable housing is that there are quite a few locations throughout the United States where you can live without having to spend a lot of money on rent, and what is really a plus is you can actually get a pretty decent place to live. To help you find them, here is a brief overview on some of the cheapest spots around.

In Oklahoma:

This is a state that offers some pretty cheap rental options, allowing you to spend money on other necessities like groceries or medical expenses for you and your family. If you are a single mom, this is a bonus for you because it lets you stretch your money further. Some of the cities that are the most inexpensive to live in the state include Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Each offers plenty of employment opportunities, and there are lots of fun ways to pass the time, like by heading to the amusement parks that are in the area or by simply taking the family out for a picnic and walk through your neighborhood community. The restaurants are pretty inexpensive to eat out at as well, especially if you use coupons to do so.

Wichita, Kansas

This is one specific location in the United States where the rent is very, very reasonable. For example, you can get a two bedroom place with a washer and dryer, a garage for your car, and utilities included for around $600. This may still seem high, yet it really is not given that if you would have to pay for your utilities along with having to go somewhere to do your laundry, your additional expenses might be between $200 to $300 a month. By living in Wichita, Kansas, you will be able to save that money and then some.

Some Other Options

If you are not quite feeling the Oklahoma and Kansas locations, do not worry as there are other locations in the United States that offer cheap rent options as well. One of them is Knoxville, Tennessee, a kid friendly location where apartments generally come standard with access to pools and workout facilities. Another place that is reasonable to stay in is Dayton, Ohio. Palm Beach, believe it or not, has rental rates have been falling drastically, and so does St. Petersburg, FL.

Leave the City

If you leave the larger metropolitan areas, you can also save money on the amount of money you pay for rent by going to smaller communities. Sometimes you can even rent homes for the same price that it would be to rent a one or two bedroom apartment in the city. By going this route though, you need to keep in mind that you might end up paying the same amount of money on the gas that you purchase to commute to and from work. So just be smart about how far away you decide to move.

All things considered, if you are looking for a place to live where the rent is cheap, then choose one of the places above. They offer you a great place to live without having to spend a lot of money to do it.

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  1. andrea says:

    Kudos to this site for helping single moms. I am old now, but I was a single mom, and it was hard. A word to the people having trouble with Virginia CPS: they have always been ready to condemn a mom on just about anyone’s word. Had trouble with them based on a lie from someone hundreds of miles away. Nothing came of it in the end, but I moved and it was the best decision.

    About the cheap housing in Oklahoma and Kansas: yes, it is cheaper there, but people need to be aware that those states, including parts of Ohio, are in “tornado alley” and you are at high risk for tornadoes especially in OK and Kansas.

    I do not understand why rents are so out of line in this country. I would like to see controls on landlords, and more input from citizens regarding gov. subsidized housing options. For example, as a senior I am only entitled to a one bedroom unit if I go into subsidized housing. Its our tax dollars and we citizens should have a say as to what kinds of units the government is going to build for us . People need to make their voices heard on housing issues. Andrea

  2. Tom says:

    I am a disabled vet on a limited income.I don’t qualify for any it makes me unhappy when a 900.00 a month they pay 200.00 the government picks up the 700.00. I have to pay the full 900.00. On a place that should only cost 500.00they work under the table for cash.just for 85.00 more then the rules on income. I can’t change that. I was told to be in a place that is warm and or arld or low back problems are so severe no doctors want to operate on me.any one know where I can go that is cheap but safe.the va. Is no help at all. It took one and a half years to get a Mir. I must say I honestly think they want us Vietnam vets to just go off and die.more vets have died waiting for treatment then have been killed from the start of the Mideast conflict. Any help would be nice.

  3. Paul vanvalkenburg says:

    I am not a single mom but I am a disabled father and husband trying to survive on1000 dollars a month with a child with food allergies and a bleeding disorder and a wife with a heart condition so we struggle every month and I’m trying to find some where that we can afford to live I work part time when I can but it’s hard I am used to working 2 jobs now I can bearly work one need h e l.p. or guidance thank you

  4. Tawnia says:

    I live in Boise, Id. and to my understanding it is one of the fastest growing cities right now…. Unfortunate for us who have lived here All our lives . As a single mother I have had my rent raised mind you In section 42 housing $205 since last year…. Outrageous and so unaffordable, but there is nowhere to go in my town… It’s either to high or there are to many people coming into this town!!
    I tried to buy a house, or even a mobile home, but get out-bidded everytime . And now the houses for sale are skyrocketing out of my budget….
    Ridiculous to do this to people and it is happening everywhere… WE are having more and more homeless and that is where my kid and I are headed.
    WE just had a woman and her two children who had been living in there care it caught on fire and the younger child died… She was running a portable heater in her car.
    Not sure what we are suppose to do , us “Lower Income” type people. I have already did a career change and a new job, but now they are sucking up all that extra too… Housing!! Someone needs to put a CAp on this over pricing just to LIne there pockets.
    It’s not about the PEOPLE anymore, they could care less if we have to live on the streets.

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