Choosing the daycare center in your college

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Did you know that many colleges have on-campus daycare centers? This, as you can imagine, saves a lot of hassle for the parents and also saves them the trouble of scouring everywhere for a safe and affordable center. If you want to go for this option, remember that not all colleges have these centers and that is exactly why prior research plays a very vital role. After you have decided the major you are interested in and believe would help you plunge into a career in the future, much-needed research is not all over. Look for colleges that can help you with or provide you the below advantages:

1.A ton of college need-based and merit-based aid. If your academic merits are not that impressive, you can still qualify for the scholarships given through the college for the students getting enrolled depending on your financial need. Of course, this will require your expected family contribution score as well as filling out the application,

2.On-campus daycare centers,

3.Look into the work study programs and see what kind of work you will be getting in case you get approved for the same,

4. See if they have housing for the single parents – maybe some of you readers might not have known this but it is there and making use of it can provide very affordable housing while you are trying to get your finances in order or are trying to reach financial stability in your life.

As a single mother, making that important but the hardest decision to return to school is a very bold move and you got to pat yourself on the back for doing that. There are thousands of parents out there who are desperately aspiring to get a degree or further their education but cannot do so because of the tight budget and funding problems.

Daycare centers and the in-home babysitters:

Speaking of choosing a daycare center for childcare services, have you considered the option of having an in-home babysitter? Or dropping off your kid at your friend’s or neighbor’s house who is willing to look after your kid. Of course, you cannot expect free service but at the same time, as a matter of fact, such a service will cost you much less. And the truth of the matter is that most parents do not think of this or even try to go for it as they doubt how the service will be or they do so just to save the hassles of finding someone who is offering such a service. Finding people in your neighborhood who are offering babysitting at cheapest prices will be dead easy if you ask around or even put up a listing in your local craigslist. Even if there are nobody offering babysitting nearby, you got to know if somebody is interested in doing that but have not done so till date. Yes, all this sounds too much work and effort but once you find someone reliable and relatively cheap, you will happy knowing that a couple of hours or days of research is going to end up saving you thousands of dollars over time.

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